Manny Mua Splendid Net Worth

Manny Mua, whose real name is Manuel Gutierrez jr, is a popular beauty influencer and YouTuber, where Manny Mua Net Worth is more then you thought. He was born on April 4, 1991, in San Diego, California, and raised in a Mexican-American family. Manny initially gained popularity on social media for his makeup tutorials, reviews, and beauty-related content.

Manny has collaborated with several major brands in the beauty industry, including Maybelline, Morphe, and Ofra Cosmetics. He has also launched his own makeup line called Lunar Beauty, which features a range of colorful and innovative products.

Aside from his beauty-related content, Manny has been an advocate for the LGBTQ+ community and has used his platform to promote acceptance and inclusivity.

Manny Mua Net Worth is in Million

According to Just Jared’s website, He is ranked No.11 among the Richest Beauty Gurus, Ranked from Lowest to Highest with a Net worth of $1.1 Million as of /2023/03/09/.

Manny is well-known for being Maybelline’s first male brand ambassador. In addition, he founded and owns the beauty products company Lunar Beauty. With more than 4.85 million YouTube subscribers and more than 570 million video views, Manny MUA has a strong social media presence.

Manny Mua Splendid Net Worth

Over the course of his career, Manny MUA has made a sizable fortune. Continue reading to learn more about Manny MUA’s earnings, salary, and net worth.

Furthermore, Manny receives payment from sponsorship deals on his social media platforms, where he may be compensated for writing reviews of cosmetic goods, promoting them in videos, or just endorsing them to his fans. Mua not only supports other brands but has just launched his own line of cosmetics.

Manny Mua diversify Net Worth and Main sources of income

Manny Mua’s Main source of Income is his youtube channel. Mua started youtube on 2014-07-17. Currently, Manny Mua’s YouTube channel has 500 million views and more than 4 million members. Around 200,000 people watch Manny’s videos every day, which results in an estimated income of up to $800 daily and close to $300.000 annually simply from the commercials.

According to, Manny Mua is an American YouTube channel that has over 4.9 million subscribers. It has published 695 videos which all together add up to more than 588 million views. Manny Mua creates on average 9 new videos every month.

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Likewise, Manny Mua’s audience has been steadily growing month to month. The channel has grown from 54.3k daily viewers back in January to over 58.1k nowadays.

As per, Manny’s Net worth is between $ 220K – $ 1.32M. He has earned $ 486 in the last seven days and $ 1.76K in the last 30 days. In the month of April 2023, many earned $1.22k. Manny Mua makes approximately $ 1.21 per 1000 views. To sum up, all $ 713K is approximately the income of Manny Mua from his youtube channel.

Manny Mua’s career as a makeup artist

Manny revealed to Teen Vogue that he first became interested in make-up after watching his mother do her make-up during his childhood. He later worked at Sephora and MAC and then He began his YouTube channel in 2014 where he began to regularly post make-up tutorials, make-up first impressions, and beauty tips.

He later started to collaborate with others such as Makeup Geek on an eye-shadow palette, Morphe Cosmetics on an eye-shadow palette, OFRA Cosmetics on lip products, and Jeffree Star Cosmetics on two highlighters and 2 lipsticks.

As his popularity grows, He became the first male brand ambassador for Maybelline when he and fellow YouTuber Shayla Mitchell were announced as brand ambassadors for Maybelline, specifically Colossal Big Shot Mascara in 2017.  Later that year, Gutierrez and Jeffree Star announced a collaboration for Star’s make-up brand to debut in April.

In April 2017, Gutierrez was the only male to make People magazine’s annual “Most Beautiful” list. Likewise, In 2018, he was named to Forbes‘ annual list of “30 under 30” in the Arts and Style category. In 2018, Manny appeared in season three of Escape the Night as the Record Producer.

In 2018, Gutierrez started his makeup line called Lunar Beauty and launched the brand’s first eye shadow palette, Life’s a Drag. The palette includes 14 shades of bright and neutral eye shadow colors.

Manny Mua was raised in Mormon Family

Manny Gutierrez, who is now known by the name “Manny Mua,” was born on April 4, 1991, in San Diego, California. As the eldest of three boys, he was raised by a Mormon family who valued religion and education.

Unfortunately, when Manny came out to his family, they did not accept his s*xual orientation, and in the hope that he would “recover from the alleged ‘disease,'” they forced him into therapy. Despite attending sessions for six months, there was no change in Manny’s sexual preferences. However, the therapy sessions did reveal that he was severely depressed.

Manny has always known that he was gay and had no trouble accepting his identity, but it was challenging for him that his family didn’t embrace him for who he was. Manny talked about his coming-out experience in a 2016 video titled “My Coming Out Story.

After completing his degree from San Diego State University, Manny pursued a career as a plastic surgeon in pre-medical school because he was interested in the human body and its beauty. However, he eventually dropped out of pre-med school and ventured into becoming a YouTube personality sensation.

Manny Mua is active on social media platforms

Manny Mua is a very well-known figure on social platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, and Twitter. His most well-expanded and loved social platform is his YouTube channel. He has over 4 million subscribers on his channel. His contents are obviously and clearly about makeup, cosmetics, and tutorials. The videos are very much loved by the audiences. His YouTube channel goes by the name Manny Mua.

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Manny Mua’s Instagram handle is @mannymua733 with 4.1 million followers. His contents and posts are about makeup, his professional life update, beauty collaborations, and promotions. 

Manny is well-liked on TikTok as @MannyMua with 1.7 million followers. He posts fun content flaunting his exceptional makeup skills on the TikTok platform. He gets lots of positive responses and love from his followers.