Life Below Zero: Kaleb Rowland

Kaleb Rowland, a resident of a secluded and remote area, had never fathomed the notion of finding himself thrust into the spotlight of a reality television show. However, as the events of 2021 unfolded, it became abundantly clear that life has an uncanny way of surprising us. Now, as a valued member of the cast of the highly acclaimed series, Life Below Zero: Next Generation, Kaleb is granted a remarkable opportunity to divulge his captivating narrative to the global audience.

Life Below Zero: Next Generation showcases Kaleb’s compelling journey, which unfolds amidst the unforgiving landscapes and treacherous conditions of Alaska’s untamed wilderness.

Kaleb Rowland is a native of Alaska

Contrary to what some may assume, Kaleb Rowland’s upbringing followed a conventional path. He was born and raised in the picturesque town of McCarthy, Alaska, surrounded by the breathtaking beauty of nature and a close-knit community. However, as a teenager, Kaleb felt the pull to explore new opportunities and seek work, which led him to make the move to Fairbanks.

In Fairbanks, Kaleb experienced the hustle and bustle of city life, with its vibrant streets and diverse opportunities. Yet, as time went on, he couldn’t shake the feeling that something was missing.

Kaleb Rowland Life Below Zero

The allure of the city began to fade, and Kaleb realized that his true happiness resided in the simplicity and authenticity of his Alaskan upbringing.

Yearning for the familiar comforts and tranquility of his hometown, Kaleb made the bold decision to return to McCarthy and embrace the remote lifestyle that spoke to his heart.

He is the owner of Rowcon Builders, LLC

While Kaleb Rowland appreciates the tranquility of living away from the city, it doesn’t mean he lacks a passion for the business world. In fact, he has proven his entrepreneurial spirit by establishing a thriving company called Rowcon Builders, LLC. Founded in Alaska in 2015, the company specializes in construction, remodeling, and landscaping services.

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Under Kaleb’s leadership, Rowcon Builders has demonstrated its commitment to delivering high-quality workmanship and exceptional customer service. The company has undertaken various projects, ranging from residential construction and renovations to creating stunning outdoor landscapes.

Rowland comes to the entertainment industry without any prior experience

In a world where many individuals strive to gain recognition through reality TV, Kaleb Rowland stands apart from the crowd. Unlike those who often jump from one show to another, seeking fame and opportunities across various networks, Kaleb’s approach to television is distinct. His involvement in Life Below Zero: Next Generation marks his inaugural venture into the realm of TV, and he has not expressed any desire to pursue additional opportunities within the entertainment industry.

Kaleb’s focus remains steadfast on his current project, dedicating his time and energy to Life Below Zero: Next Generation. Rather than seeking widespread television exposure or using it as a stepping stone, he maintains a genuine commitment to his involvement in the show and the unique experiences it offers.

He has also worked as a Commerical Fisherman

When Kaleb made the decision to relocate to Fairbanks, he embarked on a new career path as a commercial fisherman, fully aware of the immense challenges and perils that lay ahead.

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This occupation, renowned for its notorious difficulty and inherent dangers, had become well-known to audiences worldwide through the popular television series, “Deadliest Catch.” As Kaleb dove headfirst into this demanding profession, he quickly became acquainted with its grueling nature

Kaleb Rowland is a married man and father of two children.

Family holds a special place in Kaleb Rowland’s heart, and he values his role as a husband and father above all else. He takes immense pride in the strong bond he shares with his wife, Brittany, and their enduring marriage, which began in 2011.

Kaleb Rowland Wife

Together, they have created a loving and nurturing environment for their two cherished children.

Kaleb’s Wife is available on Social Media

While Kaleb Rowland doesn’t maintain personal social media profiles currently, individuals interested in keeping up with his endeavors can still gain insight through his wife’s active presence on Instagram. Brittany, a frequent user of social media, provides glimpses into Kaleb’s life and shares updates on the various projects he’s involved in.

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Through Brittany’s Instagram profile, followers can expect to see captivating photos of Kaleb and get a closer look at the ventures he is undertaking. Whether it’s showcasing his professional projects or capturing intimate moments with his family, Brittany’s posts offer a window into Kaleb’s life and the work he is passionate about.

He spends Occasional time in the City

Despite residing in a remote and secluded locale, Kaleb’s existence is not entirely detached from the outside world. While he cherishes the solace of his surroundings, he and his wife occasionally embark on ventures into civilization to commemorate significant milestones, such as their anniversary, signaling a departure from their usual rustic lifestyle.

Kaleb Rowland Wife and Children

Although Kaleb finds solace in the tranquility of his remote abode, he recognizes the importance of occasionally immersing himself in the bustling atmosphere of a nearby town.

Kaleb loves to teach others

Kaleb’s unwavering passion for his chosen way of life drives him to eagerly share it with others. His ultimate goal through the series is to enlighten people about the true realities of living in remote Alaska. Above all, he strives to be a formidable role model for his children.