Who Is Agnes Hailstone Husband Chip Hailstone?…Her children & First Husband

Agnes Hailstone is a TV personality and a hunter from Alaska, who works hard to survive with the resources available to her. Her efforts earned her fame on May 19, 2013, when she was selected to feature in the reality TV series “Life Below Zero.” The show, broadcasted on the National Geographic Channel, portrays the daily lives of several individuals who have chosen to live in remote areas of Alaska, enduring the extreme below-zero weather conditions.

Discover the fascinating life of Agnes Hailstone, the lead star of the Life Below Zero show, in this in-depth article, and about her journey to fame, her current husband and children, as well as her past relationship with her ex-husband and children from her previous marriage.

Agnes Hailstone was born Into a Family of Hunters in Noorvik, Alaska

Agnes Hailstone, a Gemini by birth sign and an American citizen, was born on  14 June 1972, in Noorvik, Alaska, USA. Her ethnicity is Inupaiaq native.

Agnes Hailstone Life Below Zero

She was born into a family of hunters since her parents were surviving the harsh Alaskan winters and trying to make a living there. It is crucial for both girls and boys living in the Alaskan wilderness to learn how to hunt and set traps early on, as Agnes did.

Survival Hunter Agnes Hailstone and her Mosin Nagant rifle on National Geographic’s “Life Below Zero”

Agnes is a hunter who makes an effort to survive as best she can in Alaska with what she has. She is carrying a five-shot, bolt-action, internal magazine Mosin Nagant 3-line rifle M1819, also known as the Mosin’s rifle in Russia, which was created between 1882 and 1891. With almost 37 million created while still being quite popular, the rifle is the most produced weapon in the history of combat. She carries a multipurpose knife she calls Ulu.

Agnes rose to fame on May 19, 2013, when National Geographic Channel cast her as the lead in the reality TV series “Life Below Zero.” It depicts a number of people surviving in Alaska’s subzero temperatures while residing in isolated regions there of their own free will.

These folks rely only on themselves and their available resources while hunting for food. The 54-year-old Sue Aikens, the sole inhabitant of the Kavik River Camp, our Agnes, her husband Chip, and Glen Villeneuve are a few of the important characters.

“Life Below Zero” Wins several awards

Four awards have been given to the series: the 68th Primetime Creative Arts Emmy for outstanding cinematography for a reality program in 2016, the 69th Primetime Creative Arts Emmy for outstanding picture editing for an unstructured reality program in 2017, and the 70th and 71st Primetime Creative Arts Emmys for outstanding cinematography for a reality program in both 2018 and 2019. There have been 147 episodes and 12 seasons so far in the series. 

At the age of 12, Sue Aikens, the series’ protagonist, was abandoned by her mother in Alaska and forced to fend for herself.

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She frequently changed residences and is currently the happy owner of the Kavik River Camp, an exploration camp that offers summer lodging to anyone looking to experience life in the forest.

Agnes served as a principal in the defunct Caribou Arts and Adventures business owned by her family.

Meet Agnes Hailstone’s husband Chip Hailstone

Agnes met Chip Hailstone, who was born with the name Edward V Hailstone in 1969, in Noorvik in the year 1988 – this was before she met and married her first husband. Chip Hailstone, is a renowned television personality and expert nomad with vast experience in hunting using various weapons such as bows, arrows, and rifles. He was born on March 5, 1969, in Kalispell, Montana, and is currently 53 years old. As a young child, Chip’s father, Daniel Franklin Hailstone, imparted survival skills, such as hunting, fishing, and crafting, to him.

Agnes Hailstone Husband Chip Hailstone

In 1988, at the age of 19, Chip left Montana to travel to Alaska, where he developed a lifelong addiction to hunting. He eventually settled in Noovrik, close to the Kobuk River, where he met his future wife, Agnes Hailstone, a native of Alaska. It is unclear when the couple first met, but they got married in 1992, according to viewers.

Agnes Hailstone and Chip Marriage and children

Agnes and Chip eventually tied the knot in 1998 and went on to have five daughters together. Their daughters are named Iriqtaq, Quitman, Caroline, Mary, and Tinmiaq.

Of their children, Iriqtaq is the oldest, at 21 years old. She is currently attending college and has a son named Wade, who was born in 2016. Meanwhile, Mary is the captain of her high school’s basketball team.

Recently, Agnes and Chip became grandparents after their oldest daughter gave birth, and they are content with their lives in Alaska. Chip’s extensive hunting skills and the Hailstones’ traditional lifestyle have made them popular television personalities, loved by many viewers.

Agnes Hailstone’s former marriage and children

Agnes was previously married to a man with the last name Carter, though not much is known about him beyond this detail. During their marriage, Agnes gave birth to two children named Douglas Doug Carter and Jon Hailstone.

Agnes Hailstone Childrens

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However, the couple eventually divorced after a few years of marriage, seemingly due to Carter’s desire to move away from their home state of Alaska. Despite the divorce, both of Agnes’ sons grew up to become hunters and are currently married.

Full biography and Quick info

Full real birth NameAgnes Hailstone 
ProfessionHunter, a TV personality 
Nationality American 
Age47 years 
Date of birth June 14, 1972
Place of birth Noorvik, Alaska 
Zodiac sign Gemini
Ethnicity Inupaiaq
Sexuality Straight

Relationship status 

Relationship status Married
Husband Edward V. Hailstone (Chip Hailstone)
Children 5

Physical Statistics 

Eye color Blue
Hair color Black
HeightIn feet: 5 ft. 3  inches 
In centimeter:161 cm
In meters: 1.61meter