Beloved French Quarter Restaurant Face, Leon Galatoire, dies at 68

Leon Rene Galatoire is the former chef and manager of Galatoire’s, a beloved French Quarter restaurant, died on Friday.

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Leon Galatoire, the former face of the French Quarter restaurant Galtoire’s, died at the age of 68.

At the Heritage Manor nursing home in Mandeville, Leon Rene Galatoire, a former chef and manager of the renowned French Quarter restaurant Galatoire’s, passed away on Friday due to liver disease. He was 68.

After his retirement, Galatoire continued to be a sought-after celebrity chef and cooked at country club events all over the United States until his health began to deteriorate.

In addition to his wife Lisa Pique Galatoire and stepsons David and Michael Doherty, all of Covington, Galatoire is also survived by his half-sister Rene Hotard Bennett of St. Louis and sister Michele Marie Galatoire of New Orleans. David Gooch, a cousin and coworker, claimed that Galatoire was skilled at offering customers a good time in addition to great food.

“He always made people laugh and put them at ease”.

Gooch said:

Galatoire developed into a skilled chef while working at the iconic Bourbon Street restaurant from 1976 to 1996. He was committed to the unwavering, traditional cuisine. However, he may be better known for his work as the front-of-the-house manager at night, where his gregarious nature shone.

Galatoire was a relative of Jean Galatoire, who established the restaurant. The manager was his uncle Rene Galatoire, and the dining room manager was his father Gabriel Rene Galatoire.

Galatoire credited his love of cooking seafood to trips to the fishing camp of his mother’s brother in his 1994 book “Galatoire’s Cookbook.” However, they might have done more than that.

Young Galatoire and others were taken out to the Gulf of Mexico oil rigs by “Uncle Buddy” where they fished in spite of the rough seas. According to friends, Galatoire grew up to be an adventurer who enjoyed scuba diving, sailing the Caribbean Sea, and occasionally flying gliders.

Earlier life of Leon Galatoire, Where is he from? What about the family members, Sister?

Leon Galatoire was born into New Orleans’ dining royalty. He is 68 years old at the time of his passing. He holds a French Citizen and he belongs to the white ethnicity.

Leon Galatoire Family

Leon Galatoire was a descendant of Galatoire’s founder. Jean Galatoire his uncle Rene Galatoire managed the restaurant, and his father, Gabriel Rene Galatoire, managed the dining room. He has two sisters: Michele Marie Galatoire of New Orleans and Rene Hotard Bennett of St. Louis.

Know about Leon Galatoire Qualification and Personal life details

Leon Galatoire attended Metairie’s Sam Barthe School for Boys and Bay St. Louis, Mississippi’s St. Stanislaus High School. After spending a summer in Europe. He enrolled at Loyola University, where he spent a year studying while working at Pique’s Wharf. A defunct West End restaurant.

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Lisa Pique was the daughter of the proprietor of Pique’s Wharf. A West End eatery where Leon Rene Galatoire worked as a waiter while in college. It was during this time that he first met the woman who would become his wife. David and Michael Doherty are his stepsons.