School Teacher, Kelly Simpson, 31, was arrested for Hiding a Teenage Boy

Kelly Simpson, a teacher who is 31 years old, who works for Charlotte County Public Schools at the moment. Simpson was born on 1991 in United States. She was in a teacher post from long time.

Recent news on teacher Kelly Simpson arrested for hiding a missing teen

A Charlotte County teacher has been arrested for concealing missing teen inside her Port Charlotte home. Deputies say an investigation into a child who was reported missing by their parents on August 12 led them to Simpson’s home.

 According to the different reports, Simpson picked up the minor from an unknown location and hid him in her own home. They said that she knew that he had been reported missing and endangered. A report from the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Officer says Simpson lied to them about the child being in her home when he should have been at school.

Since case has recently taken over, the information about Simpson is yet to be verified. The primary reason behind the teacher being criminal hasn’t been revealed yet. The court is searching for the biography of Ms. Simpson and reason behind her unethical behavior.

Due to the police’ total obsession with the teacher’s deed, the probe is becoming dangerous. Everyone’s bewilderment is causing them to think worst things about Ms. Simpson.

Different schools of Charlotte country has released the statement about Simpson’s arrest:

The Public Schools takes an incident such as this very seriously.

The safety and protection of students is a top priority.

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The teacher arrested was employed at Charlotte High School and has been restricted from the school.

Charlotte County Public Schools can’t comment on the arrest as there is an ongoing investigation by the Charlotte County Sheriff’s office.

The sheriff’s office says they are still investigating the incident and asks anyone with information to call 941-639-2101.