3-year-old Toddler, Badr Alddin Malahafji, dies in a 37C car while his father went for a drink.

Badr Alddin Malahafji was a 3 year old toddler from Turkey who had a tragic death in a young age.

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Tragically, a 3-year-old child dies in a 37C automobile after his father “left him to go for a drink with his brother.”

According to reports, a three-year-old infant died after his father left him in a 37C car while he went for a drink.

Sifeddin Malahaji, 34, was heartbroken when he came home from getting a drink with his brother on Monday and discovered his son was not breathing.

When disaster struck, he was on a trip to Adana, Turkey, with his 28-year-old wife Hiba Alheraki and their little son for a wedding.

Little Badr Alddin Malahafji decided to go to his brother’s house with his father, but fell asleep in the car.

Sifeddin claimed that while going to see his brother, who had business in the city center, he parked in the shade and left the window slightly ajar.

He told authorities: “When I went to leave the house my son ran after me crying because he wanted to come with me.

“I parked in the shade and went to visit my brother at his workplace. I just didn’t want to wake him up and left the windows open a little bit.”

Though he believed he had taken every precaution, when he returned 30 minutes later, his son was not breathing.

Sadly, hospital medical staff were helpless to save the young child, who was declared dead at the site.

Forecasts from the day indicate that as the sun moved onto the automobile, the kid was exposed to sweltering 37C heat.

Badr Alddin Malahafji Age, family, and Early Life

Badr Alddin Malahafji was a 3-year-old Toddler in Turkey. He was the son of Sifeddin Malahafji. His mother hasn’t come up to the media yet.

badr alddin malahafji family

The toddler lost his life at a very young age and all his family members are have big a hard time coping with this situation.

Badr Alddin Malahafj Career, What was his profession?

Alddin Malahafji was a young toddler and had no profession.

Badr Alddin Malahafj Net Worth, How much does he earn?

With no income sources, the toddler didn’t have any net worth.

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Which school did he go to? What was his major?

The 3 years old was probably a kindergarten student. However, no information on the name of the school he was attending is available.

His social media reach.

Badr Alldin Malahafji was only 3 years old and had no social handles.

Badr Alddin Malahafj’s Height, Weight, Sexual orientation, Body.

HeightN / A
Weight N / A
Hair ColorBrown
Body typeFit
Sexual orientationStraight

Interesting facts about Badr Alddin Malahafji’s which you should be known about.

EthnicityN / A
Zodiac signN / A
FatherSifeddin Malahafji
MotherN / A