Kathryn Trevor, 29, who had a baby after having an affair with Killer Lag in Jail

According to the Sun, a prison officer has today been spared her own jail stint for having an affair with murderer David Quartey and having his baby. Kathryn Trevor, 29 who is a prison officer had s*x with Ghanaian national David Quartey while he was serving a life sentence for murder in HMP Maidstone, Kent, the court heard.

She also failed to inform other prison officers that her lover had a mobile phone, which Trevor was dubbed ‘My True Love’ on the contact list.

Not only that, in August last year she gave birth to their son, despite Quartey being found guilty of killing his own guardian in 2008.

Why Police Officer, Kathryn Trevor’s Boyfriend Was in Jail?

David Quartey who is Prison Officer Boyfriend was found to have stabbed a consultant pediatrician named Dr. Victoria Anyetei, 54, more than fifty times at her home in Dartford, Kent.

Maidstone Crown Court heard that the conversations between Quartey and his secret lover who is a prison officer were ‘in code’ and included references to their ‘first time, while she had reportedly told her colleague that she became “too emotionally involved” with many prisoners in her charge.

Officers’ Statement on Trevor and Quartey’s Relationship

According to the Prosecutor Sarah Lindop told the court that the relationship was discovered after Quartey was moved to HMP at Huntercombe, Oxfordshire and Officer Trevor attempted to visit him under a fake name.

One of the police officers working with Trevor, Ms. Lindop said: “She [Trevor] made a number of admissions, including that David Quartey was the father of her baby and that she also had belief she shouldn’t be a prison officer as she became too emotionally-involved with many prisoners.

“Trevor said they had s*x in his cell and she already thought about resigning but she didn’t want to be away from him. She admitted to being in regular contact with him and his family too and built up a good relationship with them.

The Detective Constable Nick Gossage, of the South East Regional Prison Intelligence Team counter corruption team, also said: ‘Trevor was employed to ensure safety and good order of prison she worked in.

‘Her behavior for a long period of time undermined this, putting her colleagues and prisoners at risk. Trevor’s conviction should serve as a reminder to those that hold positions of power and trust that it isn’t to be abused and that action will be taken against both if they act in this way.’

Trevor had also been nominated for awards by her bosses and had a great career until the affair was revealed.

What happened to Kathryn Trevor after her Affair with Murderer David Quartey?

After the awful act by Kathryn Trevor, Judge Catherine Moore sentenced her to 120 hours of unpaid work, 25 rehab sessions, and also £300 costs.

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The former foolish lady officer also received a 20-month sentence, suspended for two years for her awful behavior.

Another Judge Moore told the defendant that she had “narrowly avoided” jail, saying that “I make it very plain that was not for the position of your son and age of your son and the sentence would have been immediate custody.