Jonathan Gales, Factory Fifteen Co-founder, dies at age 36, What was his Death Cause?

The Co-founder of the British animation and film studio Factory Fifteen Jonathan Gales has died Let’s see how did the film director die and Jonathan Gales’s causes of death in summary.

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How did Jonathan Gales’s die?

Jonathan Gales age 36, whose wife is expecting their second kid, reportedly crossed a road and was struck by a car going the opposite way down a one-way street. A Heartbroken family paid tribute to a “loving” husband and father after he passed away in a Los Angeles accident by a suspected drunk driver.

The second man has also received treatment for serious but non-life-threatening wounds. According to reports, the 39-year-old driver has also fled the scene before colliding head-on with another car, he was then purposefully trapped by another driver until the LAPD arrived at the spot.

The tragedy also occurred on Friday while Mr. Gales, animation and visual effects director were visiting one of his business colleagues in Los Angeles after working in Tennessee on an advertisement for the car company Kia.

James Gales, Jonathan’s father has also said in a statement: ‘He has been an inspiration to all those who were fortunate enough to meet him whether in creation, sport, or leisure.

‘He was a caring, thoughtful and loving husband and father, a bubbly personality with a fascination for world culture. ‘He had many, many friends who, along with his close, and extended family, will sorely miss him.’

Jonathan Gales Real cause of death

Gales, the creative director for the BBC’s BAFTA-winning film for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, was one of two pedestrians who was also struck by a suspected drunk motorist in downtown Los Angeles.

Jonathan Gales

He has also passed away after a car collision. Jonathan Gales’s cause of death was termed as an accident.

Who was the guy known as Jonathan Gales?

Jonathan Gales was the co-founder of the British film and animation studio Factory Fifteen. He has also served as the director of the BBC’s BAFTA-winning trailer for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. Let’s Go There, a promotional movie for Tokyo 2020 that the trio has directed for the BBC, won the BAFTA for titles and graphic identity earlier that year.

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After spending time together as students at The Bartlett School of Design, the Gales, Nicholls, and Tavares founded Factory Fifteen. There, they gained recognition for their impressive films that examined the mix of technology and architecture in the future time.