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John Visentin, CEO OF Xerox, dies at age 59

John Visentin the  CEO of well know a company that sells digital documents in 160 (Xerox) dies at the age of 59 on Tuesday. He was born in 1963 in Norwalk, Connecticut, United States. The cause of death is still unclear to us but the company made the statement that He died from “complications from an ongoing illness, but they did not share any information about the illness.

Xerox company called Visentin’s death unexpected and sad for the company. They said that they named Steve Bandrowczak, as a president and chief operations officer, as interim CEO.

John Visentin was the vice-chairman of the company, he joined Xerox as its CEO in May 2018 after he was nominated by Carl Icahn. The active investors and the biggest shareholder of the Xerox company.

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Prior to that, Visentin had been hired many times as his consultant by Icahn to assist in his campaign against Xerox. when he pushed the company to explore strategic alternatives.

Visentin was also responsible for the company when it failed at its $35 billion hostile takeovers which were attempted by HP Inc (HPQ.N), a merger that Icahn had pushed for in 2020.