Arnold Sports Festival Co-founder, Jim Lorimer, dies at 96

Jim Lorimer was the co-founder of the Arnold Sports Festival.

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Jim Lorimer, a co-founder of the Arnold Sports Festival, has died.

According to Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jim Lorimer has dead. Lorimer’s death was revealed by Schwarzenegger on Twitter on Thursday. Lorimer was 96 years old.

Schwarzenegger wrote in a blog,

“I am devastated that I won’t sit with him again and hear his wisdom, or critique bodybuilders together, or just laugh and laugh. My thoughts are with Bob, Kathy, Jeff, and the whole Lorimer family, but I also know that Jim isn’t gone,” will miss his wisdom, I will miss his mentorship, I will miss his kind, kind heart. I will miss his sense of humor and his desire to make the world a better place and his friendship. But Jim will always be with me. He helped make me who I am. He’ll always be with all of us.

So while I grieve today, I will also remember how lucky I was — how lucky the world was — to have so much of this wonderful man’s time. This Thanksgiving, I remember Jim Lorimer, and I am so, so grateful he was such a big part of my life.

Thank you, Jim.

Every single person who was motivated by Jim Lorimer to lead a healthier life carries his legacy. Some people believe Jim and I were the ones who first promoted sports, but nothing could be further from the truth. Much earlier, when he was promoting women’s track and field, he began his crusade for sports and fitness.

Ohio Track Club

Jim was a pioneer during the 1950s and 1960s, a time when encouraging women’s sports wasn’t as common as it is today. He established the women’s team for the Ohio Track Club before taking the helm of the US Olympic Committee for Women’s Sports.

Jim Lorimer assisted in turning around our Olympic team so that we could start defeating the Russians between his jobs as an FBI agent and an executive at Nationwide Insurance. He developed such a reputation for encouraging sports that he was asked to serve as the host of the 1970 World Weightlifting Championships. To increase ticket sales, he made the decision to host the Mr. World contest, and the rest is history.

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For me, becoming Mr. World changed my life; for Jim, it was just a way to get more people into the theater. After I defeated Sergio Oliva for the first time and observed Jim’s excellent treatment of the athletes, I decided to start working right away. together to advance the bodybuilding sport. One of those magical times occurred.

About his early life

Jim Lorimer was 96 years old at the time of his passing. He holds an American Citizen and belongs to the white ethnic group.

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