Fort Worth Attorney, Jim Lane dies, dies at 78

Jim Lane the lead defense attorney for former Fort Worth police officer Aaron Dean in Atatiana Jefferson’s murder trial, has died.

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Jim Lane, Aaron Dean’s attorney in the Atatiana Jefferson murder trial, has died.

In the murder trial of Atatiana Jefferson, Jim Lane served as the primary defense counsel for Aaron Dean, a former Fort Worth police officer. Jim Lane passed away. At the age of 78, Lane died away on Sunday morning. He passed away from natural causes, according to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. Recently, Lane fell backward and injured his head inside a courthouse despite having health difficulties. He has spent decades helping the neighborhood.

For decades, Kennedy covered Lane. In 1975, Lane, a Vietnam War veteran, established a legal business in Fort Worth. From 1993 until 2005, he served on the city council, holding the position of mayor pro tem. He worked to promote Fort Worth, particularly the Stockyards where he created the Longhorn Cattle Drive while serving on several boards and committees.

At the Stockyards and Longhorn Cattle Drive, Lane made sure that women and underrepresented groups were represented. With Lane serving as Dean’s main counsel, the jury selection phase of Dean’s trial in the shooting death of Jefferson was scheduled to begin on Monday.

Toby Shook, an attorney with no connection to the case, talked with FOX 4 about what may occur on Monday morning. Jefferson was allegedly murdered by Dean at her mother’s house in October 2019.

Tarrant County

Dean didn’t identify himself as a police officer before shooting through a rear window as he was checking on the residence after a neighbor contacted the police non-emergency number because of an open door. Jefferson may have believed there was a prowler outside the house since he had a pistol in his hand.

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Dean’s trial has been postponed many times, and his lawyers are once again requesting that the case be transferred outside of Tarrant County.

Ramirez said Lane embodied Fort Worth,

“He cared about our culture, he cared about our western heritage, he cared about making sure that anybody who came to visit our town, anybody who came through, understood that Fort Worth was unlike any other place in the world,”.

Bud Kennedy Tribute

“He strongly wanted to be sure that everyone was included,”.

Shook Tribute,

“With the lead defense attorney passing away on the eve of jury selection I would think that it calls for a delay,”.

Kennedy said Lane will be remembered as a community champion,

“He fought strongly to get better streets and lights in the Hispanic neighborhoods on the north side, for the schools on the north side,” he said. “But he also wanted everyone in Fort Worth to feel part of the Cowboy life.”

Association President Manny Ramirez Tribute,

“Jim should be known as one of the greatest statesmen of our time,”.

Lane had practiced law in Texas for decades and had served as a captain in the United States Army’s Judge Advocate General Corps. Lane’s Tarrant County office handled criminal defense, military court martial defense, personal injury counsel, and FAA enforcement proceedings for aviation pilots.

Jim Lane education and early life

Jim Lane received his bachelor’s degree from Texas Christian University and his law degree from Baylor University.

Jim Lane Age

Attorney Jim Lane was born in Uvalde. He was 78 years old at the time of his passing. He holds an American Citizen and he belongs to the white ethnicity.

About his personal Life

Jim Lane was survived by his wife, son, and brother.