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Jackie Reed, Long-Term Huntsville Civic Activist, passed away

Jackie reed padded away and passed away on Sunday night. She was very passionate about her city. She raised two children by herself her children confirm her death.

Jackie Reed ran 8 times to become mayor and for council member 7 times in Huntsville city because she had always wanted to serve on the city council or as mayor. After not winning an elected seat, she attend every city council meeting, hosted a radio talk show, and hold every elected official accountable to the people of the city. 

Ms. Reed used to say to city council members. ” It’s the biggest mistake and it’s sad and all of you voted for it. It should never happen. But I still love you all,” 

Reed was a student of Tennessee Tech University and worked for over 25 years in the Aerospace industry. Jackie Reed was an entrepreneur, she hosted a radio talk show and also wrote for the community newspaper Speakin’ Out News in a regular column called ‘One Woman’s Opinion’.

“I write in an African newspaper every week and you probably all know it because it’s pretty hot stuff that goes on in there,” said Reed.

Unmatched Passion

Ms. Reed had an unmatched passion for her city and every Huntsville city council member knew that. 

“I braced myself every time I was at the council dais to hear it from that side of the podium but I knew it was coming,” said city council member Francis Akridge.

Council member Bill Kling, who faced off against Ms. Reed for a city council seat told News 19, “She would talk to people about making the district Kling free and I would be right behind her and say, I’d like to offer an alternative opinion and just kind of smile.” 

Reed’s commentary at Huntsville City Council meetings was regularly shared on TikTok, garnering millions of views.

Reed in the Council

Reed said in the council:

“I cannot understand why…. why we can’t get along. We’re just people. God put us here and whether you like it or not, he is going to take us from here,” 

Dee Reed shares a long and emotional statement on his Facebook:

Dee Reed wrote: “Our family is sad today as our mom, Jackie Reed passed away last night. We will miss this little lady so much as she has been such a huge part of our lives and our rock who has always been there for us.

As we grieve and miss not having her here with us, we know she will always be looking over us and guiding us in everything we do. We know she is with God today and Heaven has gained a very special lady.

Mom loved the City of Huntsville and all the People. She was a loving, caring person that lived on principle and did the right thing.

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She raised me and my sister by herself following the death of our father when we were very young, although she always said God is the one who raised us. The strong love she showed is what she called “Tough Love,” and if you were close to her, you have probably experienced this love from her as well.

We have been so blessed to have her as our mom. She has been a great inspiration to our family and so many others. She was a strong woman of faith and loved God with all her heart.

We love you, Mom.”

Huntsville Mayor Tommy Battle wrote a statement on his Facebook it says.

“We lost a Huntsville legend today. Nobody had a greater passion for our city than Jackie Reed. Her tireless advocacy for the citizens of Rocket City was admirable. Jackie’s fervor and dedication to Huntsville should be an inspiration to us all, and her indomitable spirit and warm heart will be remembered by all of us at city hall.”


Funeral services are set for Friday, July 15 and 16 at Berryhill’s funeral home. Service times and information will be on the berry hill website.