Meet Irina Karamanos, Gabriel Boric Wife and First Lady of Chile

Irina Karamanos is a 33-year-old feminist activist, and “First Lady” of the chile. She is the wife of the country’s freshly elected president Gabriel Boric. Her husband has made history by being elected Chile’s youngest President at the age of 35. He was picked when 99.95% of the votes were counted.

According to CNN World, Boric was a former student leader who won 55.87 percent of the vote, gaining 11.74 percent more votes than Kast.

Irina Karamanos’s Husband to become Chile’s youngest ever president

In a historic election, Gabriel Boric, a 35-year-old activist and former student leader, has been elected as Chile’s youngest ever President. His victory comes amid widespread public discontent over inequality and corruption in the country. Boric’s promises to safeguard democracy and overhaul the neoliberal economic paradigm have ignited hope and enthusiasm among his supporters.

Bolstered by a staggering 56 percent of the votes, Boric’s triumph signifies a significant shift in Chilean politics, with supporters taking to the streets of Santiago in exuberant celebration.

Throughout his campaign, Boric made bold promises to address the pressing issues that have fueled large-scale protests against inequality and corruption in recent years. Central to his agenda is a commitment to protect Chile’s democracy, which has been a growing concern amid political and social unrest.

“I know that in the coming years, the future of our country is at stake,”

Boric asserted in his victory speech.

“So, I guarantee that I will be a president who cares for democracy and does not risk it, listens more than speaks, seeks unity, and attends to the needs of the people daily.”

In the course of the election, much attention has been directed toward Irina Karamanos, Boric’s partner, who has garnered recognition as a feminist activist and influential figure within her political party, Social Convergence, Karamanos brings a fresh perspective to the role of the President’s partner.

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Initially opposing the traditional title of “First Lady,” Karamanos has now taken on the position with a resolve to reform it, reflecting changing times and priorities. Her focus on transgender rights and child migration has both garnered support and drawn attention from various feminist groups in Chile.

Early Life and Influences of Chile’s Dynamic Feminist Activist, Irina Karamanos

Irina Karamanos was born to her parents, father Jorge Karamanos, and mother Sabine Adrian Gierke on October 29, 1989, in Santiago, Chile.

Irina Karamanos, born on October 29, 1989, in Santiago, Chile, shares an endearing connection with her father, Jorge Karamanos, an elementary school teacher who once led the Hellenic community of Santiago.

In a recent heartfelt message dedicated to her father on his birthday, Irina expresses profound gratitude for the cherished memories they shared. She eloquently describes how her father’s presence shaped her outlook on life, instilling in her calmness and simplicity that resonates to this day.

Irina Karamanos Father Jorge Karamanos

I am always grateful for the fortune of growing up next to my dad, sharing so much everyday life, and I live his absence almost with the same calmness and simplicity with which he taught me to exist in the world during those years with his presence. Although there are special and more turbulent days like May 23 because here you never forget your birthday, it is like an entire day dedicated to the desire that we would have to talk again. How good are treasured memories? How good it is to also value the treasured moments of the present, not rushing through the day without taking into account some nice detail and keeping it somewhere.

Source: Instagram

Sabine Adrian Gierke, Irina’s mother is a German-to-Spanish translator born in Uruguay, Sabine represents a crossroads of cultures that have influenced Irina’s worldview. Her grandparents were born in Germany, with her Grandmother being Artemis Eleftheriou.

Irina Karamanos Mother Sabine Adrian Gierke
Photo: Irina Karamanos (Left) with her Mother Sabine Adrian Gierke (Right) (Source: Irina’s Instagram)

She graduated in Anthropology and Communications Sciences from the prestigious University of Heidelberg in Germany.

Irina and Gabriel Boric are in a relationship for the past two years

Irina has been in a relationship with Gabriel Boric for the past two years. She firmly believes that the conventional concept of a “First Lady” and its associated roles have lost relevance in contemporary times.

Chilean newspaper La Nacion highlighted the couple’s unique approach, with President Boric referring to Karamanos as a “comrade,”. This reframing of traditional labels mirrors Boric’s own sentiments, as he advocates for a political landscape free from positions based on personal relationships.

Irina Karamanos and Husband Gabriel Boric
Photo: Irina Karamanos and Husband Gabriel Boric (Source: Irina’s Instagram)

At just 33 years old, Irina Karamanos has already made a mark with her outstanding achievements in academia and advocacy. Her educational background in anthropology and social sciences equips her to actively contribute to societal progress. She Speaks four languages – Spanish, Greek, English, and German.

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Karamanos’ engagement in social events with Boric remains low-key, and she chooses to maintain privacy regarding her personal life.

In a recent interview, the couple playfully revealed a delightful detail about their relationship. Fond of artichokes, they affectionately call each other Chofo and Chaofa, showcasing a heartwarming bond over shared interests.

Irina Career in Politics as a First Lady

Only recently, Irina Karamanos stepped onto the political stage, capturing attention as she stood alongside President Gabriel Boric on the night he advanced to the second round of the presidential run.

Within the Social Convergence party, Irina Karamanos wields significant influence, leading the Feminist Front. Her stance on the conventional role of a “First Lady” was initially one of opposition, believing it required a reevaluation to reflect the changing dynamics of modern society.

Karamanos’ decision to take on the “First Lady” role while simultaneously pushing for reform has been met with mixed reactions. Various feminist groups in Chile have expressed both support and pushback.

Irina Karamanos remains actively engaged with her 219K followers on Instagram. Through her platform, she offers a glimpse into her political endeavors, sharing insights into her advocacy work and attending various events. Occasionally, she reveals glimpses of her personal life

She is a Cat Mom

Irina Karamanos with her Cat
Photo: Irina Karamanos holding Cat in her arms (Source: Irina’s Instagram)

Looking back at her Instagram, it’s clear that she loves cats so much, nevertheless, she is a cat mom, she has many cats, and she names one cat Mr sito. Back then she often uploads her cat photos on her Instagram.