10 Things you need to know about Harper Zilmer

Harper Zilmer is a TikTok star who is now rapidly growing as many people have loved her content to date. She is known for her lip-syncing and humorous creative content on her TikTok handle. The fact that she is on 13 years and has millions of people following her already is what makes her special. 

The Tiktok creator’s Tiktok account is filled with a range of funny but random videos. Her entire feed is filled with insanely humorous things that she does regularly. Discover fascinating insights into the life and accomplishments of Young Harper Zilmer with our collection of interesting facts down below:

Harper Zimmer’s Get ready with me videos are what made her famous

Harper Zilmer has become a well-known figure in the TikTok community, highly regarded and appreciated for her innovative and entertaining content. Her videos are known to be lighthearted and funny, leaving viewers in fits of laughter.

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One particular type of content that Harper specializes in is GRWM (Get Ready With Me) videos, where she films herself getting ready for various events, such as parties or dates. Her first-ever TikTok video, a GRWM for a friend’s birthday party, went viral, quickly amassing a large following for the up-and-coming content creator.

Harper started her TikTok handle in January of 2023

In January of 2023, Harper made a significant move in her online presence by posting her first-ever video. The content of the video was a “get ready with me” type, where Harper was accompanied by one of her friends, showing the audience how she gets ready for the day ahead. Harper’s humorous and engaging demeanor quickly captured the attention of viewers, and the video began to gain traction online.

As time passed, the video’s popularity continued to grow, and it eventually went viral, with people from all over the world showering it with love and support. Despite receiving some negative feedback, Harper was able to rise above it all and focus on the positive comments she was receiving, which were far more numerous and heartfelt.

Harper Zilmer specializes in humorous content

For those who already follow Harper, it is no secret how enjoyable and entertaining it is to watch her videos. Harper is a multi-faceted personality, who possesses both beauty and humor, which has helped her to garner a significant following. To date, she has uploaded almost 40 videos on various Tik Tok platforms, and the majority of them are infused with her trademark humor. Her content never fails to entertain her followers, who eagerly wait for her next upload.

What sets Harper apart is her unique way of interacting with her followers. She uses her voice to communicate with her fans, which helps to establish a more personal connection with them. Her fans feel like they are part of her world, and she can create a sense of community through her videos.

Harper Zilmer has a supportive family

Harper is a young sensation who has been making her way up in the TikTok platform. She is seen consistently posting. She probably wouldn’t be able to do so if she had restrictions or unsupportive parents. Thus, Harper has a very supportive family who is always rooting for her.

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 Her father, mother, and sister make up Harper Zilmer’s family. Dan is the father, Brownen is the mother, and Reese Zilmer is the sister.

Harper Zilmer is close with Kate and Cash Baker

Kate Baker is yet another TikTok star. She and Harper seem to be close as of now. Kate recently posted a video with Harper. And yes, Harper did showcase her humor which is much needed in every Harper video. The video is basically about Kate inviting Harper over and Harper getting all funny with Kate. Another video was a GRWM of Kate featuring Harper, where Zilmer chooses Baker’s fit.

With Cash Baker, Harper is often seen posting funny videos.

Harper Zimmer’s age and height might shock you

Harper is 14 years old as of 2023. However, she hasn’t mentioned her date of birth yet. She stands 4 feet 8 inches. Harper is still young and has a lot more to grow, thus she is to grow taller as she ages. 


Happy birthday Harper✨ @harperzilmer

♬ original sound – kate baker

Harper Zilmer has an elder sister

Harper has an elder sister names Reese with whom she seems to be very close. Reese, who has more than 2.8K Instagram followers, has the second-largest following after Harper in the Zilmer family. Reese, who is 15 years old and a student at Marcus High School, plays volleyball there. 

Harper Zilmer Elder Sister

The older sister of the TikToker enjoys traveling to the beach, attending concerts, and listening to the Canadian R&B musician the Weeknd. Reese and her sister are incredibly close and frequently appear in photos together.

Harper Zilmer has 2 million followers on her TikTok handle

Harper is a growing TikTok sensation Who has amassed 2 million followers as we write this article. She is on TikTok as @harps_grwm where she posts humorous GRWM videos. She recently celebrated her 1 million followers on January 28. Now it’s March and she’s already down to 2 million. We can see how fast she is growing. 

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Harper Zilmer has a large following on her Instagram

Besides Tiktok, fans do follow Harper on her Instagram handle. She has over 44.9k followers. She has made 4 posts to date and all of her posts are with her elder sister Reese. Harper_Zilmer11 is her Instagram handle. 

Harper Zilmer has a very great voice

One of her unleashed talents of Harper is her voice. She has a great voice and sings very well. Fans get to witness her singing on her TikTok live sessions often. She should consider taking singing as her career is what most of her fans say.