Star Trek actor, Gregory Itzin, Passes away at aged 74

Star Trek actor, Gregory Itzin, Passes away at aged 74

Gregory Itzin has died at the age of 74, his friend and 24 directors and producer Jon Cassar have shear this news on his Twitter by Tweeting.

“My friend Greg Itzin passed away today. He was one of the most talented actors I had the honor to work with, but more than that he was an all-around great guy.

“He’ll be missed by his 24 families who had nothing but love & respect for him. You made your mark, now Rest In Peace friend”

Who was Gregory Itzin?

Gregory Itzin was an actor who played President Charles Logan’s role in the cast of the hit action series 24 in its fourth season which earn him two Emmy nominations.

In season 5, with Logan becoming President, he became one of the central characters opposite Kiefer Sutherland’s Jack Bauer.

President Charles Logan is remembered as one of the greatest antagonists of the series.

In addition to 24, Itzin is known for appearances in Star Trek, playing five different roles over the years in Star Trek: Enterprise, Star Trek: Voyager, and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

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He also played the father of Paul Rudd’s Mike Hannigan in Friends and had a number of stage acting credits to his name.

These included a turn in Pulitzer Prize-winning The Kentucky Cycle, for which he earned a Tony Award nomination.