Who Is ABC 7 Chicago Hosea Sanders? 6 Things to Know About the ‘Emmy winner Broadcast Journalist’

Hosea Sanders, a prominent figure in the world of news broadcasting, holds the esteemed position of a news anchor at ABC7 Chicago. Recognized for his exceptional talent and dedication, he has earned the prestigious honor of receiving two Emmy Awards, a testament to his outstanding journalistic abilities.

Sanders assumes the role of co-anchor for the highly regarded program “Eyewitness News on The U,” which captivates audiences every weekday evening at 7 p.m. This engaging news show finds its home on WCIU-TV, reaching a wide range of viewers with its timely and insightful coverage of local and global events.

In addition to his co-anchoring responsibilities, Hosea Sanders also lends his expertise to other platforms within the broadcasting industry. He takes on the role of a presenter, delivering captivating programs and special reports on WLS-TV and ABC7 Chicago. With his comprehensive understanding of current affairs, he brings a wealth of knowledge and insights to the screen, ensuring viewers stay well-informed and engaged.

He was raised in Arkansas

Hosea Sanders, a distinguished news anchor, was born on July 12, 1957, in the United States. As of 2023, he is 64 years old, having accumulated a wealth of experience and knowledge throughout his illustrious career. Belonging to the white race, Hosea Sanders has made a significant impact in the field of journalism, showcasing his remarkable talents and dedication to his craft.

Hosea Sanders ABC 7

Growing up in Arkadelphia, Arkansas, Hosea Sanders was surrounded by a supportive and engaged family. His mother, a prominent figure in the community, served as vice mayor for an impressive 21-year period, demonstrating their commitment to public service. Raised alongside four younger sisters and brothers, Sanders experienced the dynamics and joys of a close-knit family, which likely played a formative role in shaping his character and values.

He is a graduate of Henderson State University

Hosea Sanders began his educational journey by attending a local high school in his hometown. It was during this time that he likely honed his communication skills and developed a passion for journalism.

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After completing his high school education, Sanders decided to pursue higher studies at Henderson State University, a renowned public university located in Arkadelphia, Arkansas.

Hosea Sanders is not married yet

Hosea Sanders, a prominent news anchor, has remained unmarried throughout his life. As of today, Hosea Sanders does not have any children, further highlighting his unmarried status. He has never entered into matrimony and has chosen not to disclose any information about his past or current relationships. In addition, there have been accusations suggesting that he may be homosexual, though no definitive evidence or confirmation regarding his sexual orientation has been provided.

He was diagnosed with Cancer

In early 2017, Hosea Sanders, a renowned news anchor in Chicago, received the devastating news that he had been diagnosed with prostate cancer. Since then, he has been engaged in a valiant battle against this formidable disease. Despite the challenges he faced, Sanders demonstrated remarkable resilience and determination by returning to his position as the host of the 4 pm newscast on ABC7.

Throughout his arduous journey, Sanders encountered yet another health issue, one that proved to be particularly serious. He underwent surgery, which resulted in difficulties in performing day-to-day tasks and limited his mobility.

Hosea Sanders Cancer

However, his unwavering spirit and love for his job as a news anchor propelled him forward, as he never lost hope or let his health struggles hinder his dedication to his profession.

Sanders openly shared the news of his cancer diagnosis, acknowledging that it had become an integral part of his life since early 2017. This revelation marked the beginning of a prolonged battle against the disease that spanned almost half a decade. Thankfully, Sanders received timely medical intervention in the form of prostate removal surgery, a crucial step in his fight against cancer.

With his indomitable spirit, he made a triumphant return to his regular work schedule at ABC7, resuming his role as a trusted news anchor for the Chicago community.

Sanders battling cancer

Hosea Sanders, an esteemed broadcast journalist and recipient of 17 Emmy Awards received the diagnosis of prostate cancer in 2017. Prostate cancer is a commonly occurring form of cancer among men. Determined to overcome this formidable challenge, Sanders underwent surgery to remove his prostate. Fortunately, the procedure was successful, and he has since made a full recovery, allowing him to resume his illustrious career as an anchor.

In September, which is recognized as Prostate Cancer Awareness Month, Sanders chose to disclose his personal battle with cancer, using his platform to raise awareness about the disease. Despite his health struggles, Sanders remained committed to his work and continued to fulfill his duties as a news anchor until the time of his surgery.

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Sanders’ courageous decision to temporarily step away from his show was primarily motivated by his ongoing fight against prostate cancer. He first shared the news of his diagnosis in 2017, allowing his viewers and supporters to join him on his journey.

Following his surgery, Sanders’ health visibly improved, and he now appears more robust and vibrant. His remarkable mental fortitude played a significant role in his swift recovery, enabling him to regain his strength and return to his role as a respected news host.

Hosea Sanders has an impressive Net worth

Hosea Sanders has a $5 million net worth through his profession as an anchor and reporter. For 29 years, Hosea has been an anchor for ABC 7. Generally speaking, news anchors make $5330 a month or $63,967 annually. He was also a motivational speaker, and such individuals typically earn $63,472 annually. Additionally, Sanders worked as a National Associate of Journalists member.

In the USA, an NABJ makes an average pay of $38,000 per month or $461,000 annually. He earns an average of $370,000 per year and $30,000 per month, and he is a member of the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity. Additionally, he represents the ABC 7 Great Chicago Blood Drive, a collaboration with the Illinois American Red Cross.

He is Retired Now

Famed Chicago news anchor, Hosea Sanders, took a leave of absence from his broadcasting duties in February to undergo treatment for prostate cancer. The hiatus was necessary to focus on his health and receive the necessary medical care. However, after a period of dedicated treatment and recovery, Sanders made a triumphant return to the airwaves on a Wednesday.

Upon his return, Sanders rejoined his co-anchor Cheryl Burton for the weeknight newscast produced by ABC 7, which airs on WCIU-Channel 26. Their highly anticipated reunion brought a sense of joy and anticipation to their loyal viewers. Together, Sanders and Burton resumed their roles as trusted news anchors, delivering the latest updates and stories to the Chicago community at 7 p.m.