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Du Meizhu is a 19-year-old Chinese college student who recently accused a well-known Canadian actor and musician, Kris Wu. Her charges of adultery and s*xual assault against Kris Wu have stunned fans for quite some time. She also admitted to having experienced depression and agitation a few months earlier.

In an interview with Wangyi on July 17, 2021, Du Meizhu accused Wu of seducing at least 30 girls, including herself and two minors, and r*pping them when they were completely drunk.

Wu and his management team flatly denied the charges, but Du later disclosed on social media that Wu’s team tried to give her hush money. She also asked that Wu leave the entertainment industry, leave China, and write each victim a handwritten apology letter. As a result, he lost endorsement arrangements with a number of companies.

19- year- old Du Meizhu accused Kris Wu of r*pping her and 30 other Chinese girls

Kris Wu is accused by a 19-year-old Chinese girl of r*pping her and 30 other Chinese girls.

Du Meizhu, 19, recently joined down with ‘Wangyi’ for an interview to provide facts of Kris Wu’s alleged r*pe. Kris Wu allegedly r*ped her and at least 30 other girls, including teenagers, after getting them drunk, according to her.

Wu would “pick up” young women in the fan club and invite them over to hotels, according to posts on Twitter by Du Meizhu.

Kris Wu’s legal team has also received a response from Du Meizhu. She has assured them that she and the other alleged victims will hand over their evidence to the authorities as soon as possible.

Additionally, recordings of Du Meizhu’s alleged chat discussions with Kris Wu’s team have been circulating online. According to the discussion, the accuser requested 8 million yuan ($1.2 million USD) from Kris’s team, which was eventually rejected and resulted in a 2 million yuan settlement.

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According to a tweet from Kris Wu, Du Meizhu would have to “remove her posts” and “admit that the material she had previously shared was unconfirmed.”

Several firms, including Lancôme, Master Kong, and Kiehl’s, have begun blocking posts featuring the “Wolf” hit-maker on their official Weibo sites shortly after Du’s charges made the news. Not only that, but Wu’s contract with skincare brand KANS and detergent brand Liby has also been canceled.

Reply from Kris Wu

After remaining silent for several weeks, Wu took to his Weibo account earlier today (Monday, July 19th) to clarify the rumors. He stated, “I’ve only seen Ms. Du once during a friendly event on December 5, 2020.” Nobody was served alcohol, no phones were taken away, and none of the “details” she described were performed.

Wu further added, “Many people were present that day, they can all testify on this! I’m so sorry for disturbing everyone. I’m stating that I’ve never ‘picked concubines’, never ‘seduced, drugged, or r*ped’ anyone. There were no underage girls! If I behaved like this, everyone please rest assured, I would put myself in prison! I take legal responsibility for everything I stated just now.”

Du Meizhu Age

Du Meizhu is 21 years old. She must have been born in the year 2002 in China. Meizhu holds Chinese nationality. She belongs to the white ethnicity. Meizhu is currently enrolled at the Communication University of China in Beijing.

du meizhu age

DU Meizhu is a stunning young lady with a slim body type and a tall stature. Her overall appearance is lovely, with a fair complexion, a cute grin, and long legs.

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There is no information revealed about her parents and upbringing.

Du Meizhu Boyfriend, Her relationship

The information regarding her boyfriend and relationships is still under the shade at the moment. There are many rumors of Du Meizhu being an ex-girlfriend of  Kris Wu. However, the rumors are not confirmed.