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Canadian Professor, Physician & Politician, Dr. Charles Godfrey, dies at 104

Dr. Charles Godfrey was a Canadian physician, professor, and politician in Durham Region born in America.

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Charles Godfrey, MD, of Ontario, who worked until age 102, passes away.

Dr. Charles Godfrey, a physician from Ontario, passed away after practicing medicine until the age of 102, making him one of the oldest medical practitioners in North American history. Just a few weeks away from turning 105, he passed away at home in Madoc, Ontario, when he was 104.

According to a representative for the University of Toronto’s faculty of medicine, Dr. Charles Godfrey was “one of the oldest physicians in North America” when he continued to practice medicine until the age of 102. He continued to work four days a week at four separate Toronto medical clinics at the time.

His work as the director of CARE/MEDICO allowed him to express this genuine care, and along with his wife, a nurse who passed away in 2002, he volunteered as a visiting physician in more than 20 nations, including Afghanistan and Pakistan, Mark Godfrey said.

He also spent 34 years as a member of the Royal Canadian Military Institute (RCMI), where buddy Pat Hind-White remembered him as “sprightly” and “mischievous,” according to an RCMI memorial notice.

Dr. Charles Godfrey  Age, family, and Early Life

Dr. Charles Godfrey was 104 years old when he passed away. Godfrey was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on September 24, 1917, but his family relocated to Toronto when he was just seven months old.

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Godfrey’s father, a physiotherapist, urged him to pursue a career in medicine. He qualified as a physiotherapist while serving in the Canadian military for five and a half years during World War II.

Dr. Charles Godfrey Career, What was his profession?

An American-born Canadian doctor, professor, and politician from Durham Region, Charles Morris Godfrey CM OOnt. Despite having spent two years in the Ontario legislature as a member of the Ontario New Democratic Party, he is most remembered for having led the protests against the planned Pickering International Airport in the 1970s, which compelled the federal government to put the project on hold.

Which school did he go to? What was his major?

He enrolled in the University of Toronto Faculty of Medicine after the war and paid for his education by working as a janitor and in a scrapyard before earning his degree in 1953. He received a McLaughlin Fellowship in 1956 to study neurology at Oxford University, and in 1958 he was made a fellow of the Royal College of Physicians.

In addition, he received his Bachelor of Arts in 1962, his Master of Arts in 1975, and in the late 1980s, when he was in his 70s, he was pursuing his Ph.D.

Dr. Charles Godfrey Wife, Was he Married? Any children?

Dr. Godfrey was married to his wife Margaret who was a nurse by profession.

His social media reach

We did a quick search for the social media presence of him but weren’t able to find him on any social platform.

Dr. Charles Godfrey’s Height, Weight, Sexual orientation

HeightN / A
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Hair ColorWhite
Body typeFit
 Sexual orientationStraight

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Zodiac signLibra
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