British Businessman & Philanthropist, Don Nicewonder, dies at 84

Don Nicewonder was a famed British businessman and philanthropist. He has now passed away. Know more about him in the following lines.

Don Nicewonder Death, His Works

His family said he passed away Saturday at the ripe old age of 84, due to a health-related issue, just hours before his 85th birthday. Nicewonder has also made money mostly from the coal industry, before eventually moving to Bristol, Virginia where he went to create “The Virginian” Golf Club and Nicewonder Farm and Vineyards.

Several of Nicewonder’s employees have worked for him for decades. They have also remembered him for his generous spirit.

“I know that he’s looking down,” longtime employee Jim Blackmore has also reported. “We hope that we can continue forward in the spirit of which he built this place.” “Hands down the epitome of a gentleman, wonderful boss, owner and a man that you learn so much from,” longtime employee Chuck James has also said.

Daughter Kim Nicewonder said Don was a philanthropist, he has also contributed to countless projects in the region, that also education and healthcare-related endeavors.

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Nicewonder was a father to three and grandfather to seven. “I do think that he will be extremely missed,” Kim Nicewonder said. “But his spirit will live on through The Virginian and the Nicewonder Inn.”