29-years-old, Diana Tarazaga-Orero, Threatened Harry Styles Security consultant

Security consultant for Harry Styles was the target of a stalker’s “threat to kill”, Diana Tarazaga-Orero because she considered him as a barrier to a romantic relationship with the pop star. A court was informed on November 24 that Style’s security consultant was terrified as a result of 29-year-old Diana Tarazaga-jokes.

The Sun reported that Tarazaga-Orero threatened to “murder her” by showing up at Michelle Roycroft’s workplace. 52-year-old Roycroft, a former Met officer, claimed she received over one hundred threatening texts and calls. She remarked, “It was terrible. Styles was alleged “constantly on his guard” during a hearing in September, according to an earlier story.

Even on the day that Tarazaga-Orero allegedly showed up at Style’s home in north London in February, it is claimed that she continued to send the ominous messages. The 28-year-old musician feared being stalked by his assailant, who broke into Styles’ house without permission while he was there.

Who is Diana Trazaga Orero?

Diana Tarazaga-Orero, a 29-year-old transgender woman of Spanish descent, views Roycroft, Styles’ security advisor, as a barrier to seeing the One Direction singer. At the Highbury Corner magistrates court, Orero consented to a stalking order and is currently being held under a mental health order.

Diana Tarazaga-Orero broke into Harry Style’s house in February of this year after being confused for a delivery person. The pop star was upstairs when she forced her way inside and started fighting with a builder. In addition, she is charged with forcing a housekeeper into a wall before breaking a plant pot. He was prohibited from approaching Styles within 250 meters after being found guilty of stalking in 2019.

He reportedly pled not guilty to common assault, damaging property, and using violence to secure entry to the premises at that time. “I declare myself guilty for breaching the restraining order and entering the house, but not guilty to the assault”, he told the court.

In 2019, Harry Styles first encountered the stalker at a bus stop and, under the impression that she was homeless, volunteered to assist her. Then Orero kept showing up in front of his house, even seizing Styles when he was out jogging and demanding money.

Don’t Worry Darling

Harry Styles has been the subject of discussion for the past few days due to the end of his romance with Olivia Wilde. An alleged disagreement between Harry and his co-star Florence Pugh led to their breakup. There were rumors that the “Midsommar” star and director Wilde fell out in July after she failed to make any meaningful public or internet advertising efforts for the psychological thriller “Don’t Worry Darling.”

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Marshall-Motley Scholars Program

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Diana Tarazaga-Orero Age

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