Love Life of Diana Lasso with Wayne Brady

Colombian singer Diana Lasso and comedian Wayne Brady wed in 1993 when Lasso was 18 and divorced just two years later in 1995. People are curious to know what caused the split, how both moved on after and where they are today.

Here’s what we know, Lasso went back to Colombia to focus on her music career while Brady remarried and had a daughter before coming out as pansexual years later.

Diana Lasso’s Early Years and Family

Diana Lasso was born on March 4, 1975, in the United States to parents with Colombian ancestry. Now 48 years old, Lasso holds Colombian nationality.

Lasso was raised in a close-knit family environment. She is very close to both of her parents – her mother Isabel Gamboa and her unnamed father. Lasso also has one sister that she refers to as Justy.

Diana Lasso Family
Pic: Diana with her mother Isabel, Sister Justy (Left), and her father (Right) (Source: Diana’ Instagram)

Looking at posts on her Instagram account, it is evident Lasso maintains a close relationship with her family. She shared a photo posing with her mother, father, and sister Justy, referring to them endearingly in her caption.

Lasso is also a proud aunt to her sister Justy’s daughter, though she has no children of her own. She frequently posts pictures with her niece, expressing her love for her role as an aunt.

Diana Lasso and Wayne Brady’s Short Marriage Life

In 1993, 18-year-old Colombian singer Diana Lasso met 21-year-old comedian and TV host Wayne Brady while she was living in America. After a brief romance, the two married on New Year’s Eve on December 31, 1993, in a youthful union.

However, the marriage was short-lived. After just under two years of marriage, Lasso and Brady finalized their divorce on September 21, 1995.

Rumors swirled about what caused the demise of their marriage so soon. One prevalent theory was that Brady’s increasingly busy schedule and rise to fame took a toll on the relationship. With Brady frequently traveling and working long hours, he and Lasso apparently struggled to spend quality time together as a married couple.

Diana Lasso Relationship with Wayne Brady
Pic: Wayne Brady’s┬áRelationship with Diana Lasso (Source: People)

Additionally, some reports suggested the divorce was difficult due to lack of commitment and Brady’s mental health issues with depression.

Since the divorce, Diana Lasso has kept her dating and romantic life very private.

After the divorce, Lasso returned to her home country of Colombia to focus on growing her music career. Though not achieving Brady’s level of fame, Lasso managed to further her passion for singing as a solo artist in Colombia.

Diana Lasso’s Life after Divorce and Leading a Private Life in Recent Years

After finalizing her divorce from Wayne Brady in 1995, Diana Lasso returned to her home country of Colombia to concentrate on growing her music career as a solo artist.

Lasso had started singing even before meeting and marrying Brady. With the spotlight on her due to her relationship with the famous comedian, Lasso leveraged the added publicity to share her music with a wider audience.

While Lasso did not achieve the same massive mainstream success as her ex-husband Brady, she managed to build a respectable music career in Colombia. Lasso’s most popular song is the breakup ballad “Esta Noche No,” available on her YouTube channel.

Lasso actively promoted her music, giving interviews on Colombian radio stations and television programs.

In more recent years, now 48 years old, Lasso seems to have stepped back from the public eye and music industry. As of 2023, she appears to have retired from her singing career.

Diana Lasso Now
Pic: Diana living her peaceful life as of today (Source: Diana’s Instagram)

Lasso still occasionally posts on Instagram but shares serene travel photos rather than music promotions. She seems to be leading a more quiet, peaceful life rather than chasing fame and success in the entertainment business.

Wayne Brady’s Second Marriage to Mandie Taketa Also Ends in Divorce

After his brief marriage to Diana Lasso ended in 1995, actor and comedian Wayne Brady would go on to wed again. He met Mandie Taketa, a dancer, actress, and producer from Hawaii after they performed together in a musical revue in Oahu.

Wayne Brady Ex-Wife Mandie Taketa
Pic: Wayne Brady with his new wife Mandie Taketa (Source: Hollywood Life)

Taketa relocated to Los Angeles to be with Brady. The two married on April 5, 1999. When they welcomed daughter Maile Masako Brady on February 3, 2003, Taketa left her career to focus on raising their child.

Unfortunately, Brady’s second marriage also ended in divorce. In 2006, a week before their 7th anniversary, Brady and Taketa separated. The following year in June 2007, Taketa filed for divorce citing irreconcilable differences.

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Despite the divorce, the couple committed to amicably co-parenting Maile together. They agreed to share legal and physical custody of their daughter.

Both Brady and Taketa eventually moved on to new relationships following their split. Taketa began dating Jason Fordham. In 2023, Taketa and Fordham adopted a baby boy named Sunny.

Wayne Brady and his New Family
Pic: Right to Left (Wayne Brady, Maile Masako Brady, Mandie Taketa, and Jason Fordham) (Source: Mandie’s Instagram)

Brady quickly embraced the role of stepdad to Sunny. He shared an Instagram post holding the baby, writing how much he already loved his ex-wife’s new son.

Though no longer married, Brady, Taketa, Fordham and their children still function as a blended family. In 2024, they are even launching a reality show together about their unique co-parenting dynamic.

After his Divorce from Mandie, Wayne Brady Comes Out Pansexual

Since finalizing his divorce from his second wife Mandie Taketa in 2007, comedian Wayne Brady has not remarried. However, Brady has continued evolving on a personal level.

Coming Out as Pansexual In 2023, Brady came out publicly as pansexual in an interview with People Magazine. Pansexuality refers to having romantic or s*xual attraction toward people regardless of their gender or s*x.

Brady clarified that he also identifies as bis*xual, keeping an open mind about potential partners. This was an important step for Brady in living openly and honestly.

Support from Ex-Wife and Daughter Brady shared that the first person he came out to was his ex-wife Mandie Taketa. He explained Taketa fully supported him, knowing his coming out would lead to greater happiness.

Brady’s daughter Maile also responded positively, with a simple “okay” and proud smile. Despite the divorce, Brady’s family continues to embrace him unconditionally.

Co-Parenting and Quarantining Together Brady and Taketa remain dedicated to amicably co-parenting daughter Maile, now 20 years old. Brady even quarantined during 2020 with both Taketa and her boyfriend Jason Fordham, highlighting their strong platonic bond.

Brady told Yahoo! in 2020 that he and Taketa share a unique relationship different from typical divorced parents. They lived just minutes away and shared land and space while co-parenting Maile.

Wayne Brady’s Daughter Maile Brady Pursues Entertainment Career Like Her Parents

Wayne Brady and ex-wife Mandie Taketa welcomed daughter Maile Masako Brady on February 3, 2003. Now 20 years old, Maile has followed in her parents’ footsteps in the entertainment industry.

Maile demonstrated early talents in acting, singing, writing, and dancing. In 2018 at age 15, she began acting professionally, starring in an episode of The Bold and The Beautiful soap opera.

Maile has since appeared as a guest star on other shows including The Talk, Hell’s Kitchen, and her father’s program Let’s Make a Deal. She also shares original music on YouTube, releasing her debut single “Exhale” in 2021.

Wayne Brady Daughter Maile Masako Brady with his Ex-Wife Mandie
Pic: Maile celebrating her birthday with her parents Wayne and Mandie (Source: Wayne’s Instagram)

With famous parents in the business, Maile has leveraged social media to build her own fanbase. As of 2023, she has amassed over 19,000 Instagram followers. Her account showcases her singing and acting projects.

Though Wayne and Mandie split when Maile was only 3 years old, they have remained dedicated to co-parenting her together. Despite the divorce, Maile describes having a happy childhood with two loving parents.

On Wayne’s birthday in May 2023, he praised ex-Mandie as an amazing mother. Their continued friendship and support of Maile proves divorce does not have to negatively impact children.