Everything about Emmymadeinjapan Children and Husband

Emmeline Mayline “Emmy” Cho, also known as emmymade (previously emmymadeinjapan), is a Chinese-American who started her YouTube channel while she was living in Japan she was born in California and currently resides in Rhode Island. She prepares and tastes food, gets gifts from people throughout the world, and offers her cuisine ratings.

Emmy loves to travel and try new things, not only from other countries but other decades and cultures.

Emmymadeinjapan Early Life and Family Background

Emmy Cho was born on July 17, 1982 and grew up in California with her brother, who has made appearances in some of her YouTube videos. Fans always says that she and her brothers are twins as their face match exact eachother.

Although she is Chinese-American by heritage, her parents grew up in Burma. This gave her a bit of Burmese cultural influence as well. Cho is currently 41 years old.

Emmymadeinjapan Brother
Pic: Emmy and her Brother making mushy mimi (Source: Emmy’s Instagram)

Cho is not actually Japanese, despite her YouTube name emmymadeinjapan. She adopted this moniker because she was living in Japan when she first started her channel, with the intention of showcasing crafts and creations from her time spent there.

Cho had relocated to Japan with her husband, as the two were working as English teachers. The name stuck even after she returned to the United States and expanded her channel’s content.

Emmymadeinjapan Husband and Children

Emmy Cho has kept her husband’s identity mostly private over the years. She would occasionally reference him as “papa” on social media, but revealed little else publicly.

After launching their vlog channel together, the couple began regularly appearing in videos side-by-side. However, it has been some time since Cho’s husband has been featured. She has not addressed any rumors surrounding his absence.

Emmymadeinjapan Children
Pic: Emmy’s two Children with their Father (Source: Emmy’s Instagram)

In 2012 while living in Japan, Cho gave birth to her first child, a son who loves to play the harmonica.

Two years later, she shared a video with fans announcing her pregnancy with her second child. Cho’s pregnancy news was met with enthusiasm from her YouTube followers.

She is now the mother of two children, though keeps details about them private.

Emmy Cho’s Early and Professional YouTube Career

In 2010, Cho started her YouTube channel, then called emmymadeinjapan, while living in Japan with her husband. They had relocated there to teach English. She intended to showcase creations and crafts from her time in Japan.

While living in Japan, Cho decided to launch a YouTube channel to display her makes. She originally planned to show some crafts projects, but it evolved into a food-making and tasting channel. After around two years in Japan, shortly after having her first child, the family moved back to the United States.

Popular Food Channel

Cho’s first YouTube video featured her tasting Japanese candy. At the time, she didn’t realize this would launch a successful YouTube career.

Initially feeling isolated in Japan without knowing the language, Cho purchased a candy-making kit after going to the grocery store one day. She filmed herself making and trying the candy. This gave her an engaging activity when not working, and helped her learn video editing.

Cho quickly gained an audience, with fans sending foods from around the world for her to sample. Though she has returned to the U.S., she kept her channel’s name. She has since dropped the “injapan” and goes by Emmymade.

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Cho seems to have an open perspective when trying new foods. She provides honest reviews, describing textures, smells and flavors – even for foods she doesn’t enjoy. Her channel is now one of YouTube’s most popular food channels, with over 2.9 million subscribers.

In 2013, Cho won YouTube’s NextUp competition, gaining equipment, cash, and studio access. She now has a second channel called Emmymade Extras covering DIY kids projects and beekeeping. It has over 200K subscribers.

Emmymadeinjapan Social media Presence

Emmy Cho maintains an active presence across major social media platforms.

On YouTube, Cho posts regularly to her channel @emmymade, which has over 2.96 million subscribers. Her videos focus on food tastings, cooking demonstrations, and reviews of dishes from around the world.

Cho is also active on Instagram under the handle @emmymade, where she has amassed over 362K followers. Her Instagram profile features food photos and videos, along with some personal selfies and family pictures. She frequently shows off her latest culinary creations.