Rising Instagram and an OnlyF model, Diana Deets, commits suicide

Diana Deets gained recognition as an OnlyF model primarily known for her adult content. However, In the past, her controversial actions and the ensuing media coverage garnered significant attention within the OnlyF community. One particular incident involved accusations of attempting to appeal to pedophiles by utilizing filters in her photographs to create a younger appearance, despite publicly stating her age as 24 years old.

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Diana Deets commits suicide

On February 12, 2023, the devastating news circulated that Diana Deets, known in the online world as Coconut Kitty, tragically took her own life. This sorrowful revelation was conveyed through an announcement on her Instagram page, specifically addressed to her numerous “lovers and fans of Coconut.” Although the post has been removed since then, we have managed to retrieve the caption that solemnly confirmed her untimely demise.

“Life can be unjust, and this is one of those moments. We wish you all could have known Diana the way her loved ones did. She radiated light, illuminating the world around her. Her energy was unstoppable, an unwavering force.”

“She possessed remarkable strength and determination, yet she always had a kind heart, overflowing with love. Her constant mission was to uplift those around her and inspire others to succeed.”

“Diana was the kind of person who would drop everything to lend a hand, always being a staunch supporter. She embraced multiple roles in life—a devoted mother, a loving sister and daughter, and a cherished best friend. She had the power to brighten an entire room with her presence.”

“Her infectious laughter was a gift that could turn any day around. We remember it fondly.”

Source: New York Post

Accompanying the heart-wrenching announcement were two images. The first image depicted a somber black square, serving as a poignant symbol of mourning and remembrance. The second image featured the number “988,” signifying the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline in the United States. This inclusion demonstrated a compassionate plea to others, urging them to seek help and support when confronted with their own struggles, while simultaneously honoring Diana’s memory.

Diana was claimed to have suffered from depression and ongoing battles with mental illness, according to SNBC13.

A Quick look back into the Life of Diana Deets

Diana Deets who went by the online username Coconut Kitty was a social media personality hailing from the USA and known for her paintings, poetry, and selfies that she usually shares on her Instagram account.  

Coconut Kitty is a social media influencer, artist, model, and Instagram star from the United States. She has become extremely well-known over time on her Instagram pages and other social media platforms due to her paintings, selfies, and modeling photos in bikinis. 

Diana Deets Obituary

She has worked with several fashion brands such as fashion nova, and Manscaped. 

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Diana Deets was born on September 15, 1998, in New York City. She was of American nationality and followed the Christian religion. She was a 23 years old blonde girl with blue eyes standing 5 feet 6 inches tall.

Diana’s Twitter handle @illicit69kitty has over 1.4 million followers.

Diana Deets’s Net worth

The British newspaper Daily Mail points out that the model’s wealth amounted to 450,000 dollars thanks to the 5.4 million followers she had on the OnlyF platform, aimed at sharing adult content.