Inside Maddie Dean Relationship with Boyfriend Tal Fishman

Maddie Dean is an LA-based model who has appeared in numerous world-class brands’ advertisements and collaborates with them for paid promotions. She is as well an Instagram influencer who has gained a huge number of followers.  She is managed by Elite Model Management and State Management in Los Angeles. 

Maddie Dean

Born on September 292000, her full name is Madeline Rose Dean is an American by nationality. She later relocated to Los Angeles, but she was originally from the little Pennsylvanian town of West Chester. 

You might know Maddie Dean for being the girlfriend of Tal Fishman

Meet Tal Fishman

Tal Fishman is a popular comedian and YouTuber who rose to popularity on the hugely popular Reaction Time channel, which has more than 14 million followers. He was known for his videos in which he responded to news stories about various pop culture figures, including Selena Gomez and Ariana Grande.

Born on December 271996, in Los Angeles, California, USA, He is an actor and writer, known for Roblox the Movie 2: The Attack of J.U.L.I.E.N, Roblox: The Movie and Darzeth’s Roblox: the series.

Also, He has three YouTube channels with 15 million subscribers on his channel, Reaction Time. His second channel, Tal has 12k subscribers. 

Tal Fishman

Along with both of his brothers, he was reared in Los Angeles, California, in the United States. He is an ethnically diverse American citizen. 

The performer started his online career in 2014 when he and his brother Adi launched a YouTube account together and started creating challenge videos. Tal and Short was the name of the channel.

In 2015, on his birthday, he posted his first video on Reaction Time. In 2014, he and his younger brother also produced comedic routines for a different channel.

Kids Who Beat The System (Hilarious), a YouTuber’s most-watched video, has since received more than 40 million views. His primary channel currently has over 4 billion views and a total of 15 million subscribers.

Madeline and Tal Fishman’s Relationship explored

Tal Fisherman a famous YouTuber and Madeline Dean a model are currently dating. Fashion model Madeline Dean, often known as Maddie Dean, is 20 years old and well-known on YouTube. She currently has a bit over 200k Instagram followers.

Maddie Dean and Tal Fishman Relationship

The two have been together for about 4 years now. The two celebrated their 2nd year anniversary in 2021 which is the first official post on Instagram.

They celebrate their anniversary on the 15th of April each year. The couple is adored and well-wished by many people from all around the globe and even have cute fan pages for them. 

Maddie and Tal are travel buddies

Maddie shares a really fun bond with her boyfriend. They are seen doing fun activities on their social handles. Traveling has to be one of the best activities the couple does. 

They often travel together. The most recent travel diaries of the couple were from Positano. Maddie and Tal are seen posing with a glass of wine on a yacht. The post was made on Maddie’s Instagram handle and Tal responded to the comment as ‘My lover’. Fans were sweet with heartwarming comments and responses. 

They have traveled to Paris and many other places together. 

Maddie Dean on social media

Maddie Dean is a prominent social figure. She is among the most loved influencers on the Internet. You can find Maddie on Instagram as @maddie_dean. She is verified with 199k+ followers and has her account verified by Instagram. 

Maddie is active on TikTok as @maddie_dean with 851k+ followers. Maddie shares beauty and comedy content on her TikTok handle.

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After her boyfriend Tal Fisherman insisted she opens a YouTube channel of her own, Maddie opened a YouTube channel of her own. She has 452k+ subscribers on her channel. She posts prank videos and fun content with her boyfriend on her YouTube channel. 

Tal Fishman on Social Media

Tal Fishman is one of the most renowned YouTubers. You can find him on Instagram as @talfishman with 1.2 million+ followers. He is seen posting actively on his Instagram.

He posts his comedy content, travel diaries, and even moments on his Instagram handle. His YouTube channel ‘Reaction time’ has 14 million plus subscribers. The contents are pure comedy and entertaining.