Sports Model, Deyon Miller, Shared a Kiss with Mady in the show

Deyon Miller is a 21 years old sports model, corporate employee, and a rising television star from Netflix’s new dating show “Dated and Related”. The show aired on Netflix last week, and people are curious about the sibling pair, Deyon and Dyman. Deyon seems like a friendly and well-behaved person who may as well be perceived as a

Geek. Deyon is open-minded and optimistic as he awaits any romantic experience in the villa to come calling his way.

Deyon shared a kiss with Mady in the show

He instantly had a liking for a blonde Mady Bajor who hails from Houston, Texas but often lives in Miami, Florida.

During the first episode, Deyon and Mady’s siblings got together and briefly discussed each other. Since Deyon had his eyes set on Mady from the get-go he couldn’t stop himself and used the opportunity to flirt with her. They kissed after some time and Mady felt no romantic connection with Deyon and left everything at their kiss.

Deyon’s Early Age

Deyon Miller hails from Orlando, Florida, where he was born and grew up with his sister Dyman Miller, 25, and surprisingly he has a twin brother. In 2021, Deyon and his four-year-old sister were cast for the brand-new Netflix show Dated and Related.

deyon miller age

All the pairs will live beautifully in a beautiful villa in France and date other siblings to find potential partners for themselves.

Deyon’s Twin Brother, Dean Miller

Surprisingly, Deyon and Dyman are not actually a sibling pair as they share a brother, Dean Miller; Deyon and Dean are twins. Dean alongside Deyon starred in a short horror film Just Another Friday in 2019 where Dean played Jarrod.

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Dean works as a video editor and director; most recently he directed Hyundai Commercial titled ‘New Thinking, New Possibilities for the 2022 Ad campaign. We couldn’t get more information on him, since he has private social accounts.

Deyon’s Studies

Dyman’s wingman on the show, Deyon, attended Spruce Creek High School in Port Orange, Florida, with his sister. Deyon graduated from Spruce Creek in 2018, and his best friend, Luke Beck.

He then went to Florida Southern College to study business and marketing. In 2021, Deyon graduated with a bachelor’s in Business Administration and Management.