44-year-old Man, Darnell Erby, Murdered Pamela Garrett Suspect

44-year-old Man, Darnell Erby, Murdered Pamela Garrett Suspect

Darnell Erby is a 44 years old man who has been taken under custody for being a suspect in the Pamela Garrett May murder case.

Pamela Garrett May, 77, Was Murdered; Suspect Is 44 Years Old, Darnell Erby.

According to a statement from the police, the murder took place at a house in North Highlands on Field Street close to Poplar Boulevard. Pamela Garrett May, age 77, has been identified as the murder victim.

The body of Pamela Garrett May, according to the sheriff’s office, was so horrifically mangled that it was difficult for the coroner to identify her.

Thankfully, police were able to apprehend Ebry the same day the murder took place and quickly transferred him to the Sacramento County Main Jail on homicide charges. Erby, a Sacramento resident, is detained without posting bail.

There are currently no other suspects for the murder, according to the sheriff. They haven’t said anything further, but it’s obvious that they think Erby was the murderer.

On the day Pamela Garrett May’s body was discovered, Darnell Erby, 44, was taken into custody. On July 19, a horrific murder occurred.

Although the police haven’t disclosed the precise reason for Erby’s detention, they appear to be highly confident in their case given that Erby is being held without the chance of bail. Many people speculate that Erby was detained for the murder because he had previously been detained on burglary accusations.

Crime Site or Victim

In the Sacramento region, burglaries are common, and many of them can swiftly escalate into murders if the victim is a vulnerable person like Pamela Garrett May, 77. It is still unknown whether Erby and May were friends or what exactly happened to cause her death.

We cannot say with any certainty that Erby must have had a significant relation to the crime site or victim for him to have been held in such a secretive manner by the law enforcement as the police have not disclosed any information as to why Erby was arrested. One can learn from a search of Erby’s social media accounts that this is not the first time he has been detained or arrested.

He has spent a significant portion of the 2010s incarcerated, but hopefully, the police are not using his past or his race against him and are acting on the basis of the available facts. Until the police give another statement, nothing can be said with certainty.

Darnell Erby Age, family, and Early Life

Darnell Erby is a 44 years old man from Sacramento. He is an American native and seems to be of mixed ethnicity. Not much is known about him.

darnell erby family

The identity of his parents and his exact date of birth is yet to be disclosed.

Darnell Erby Career, What is his profession?

Darnell Erby’s professional life is away from the media’s sight. We have no details on the kind of job he holds.

Darnell Erby Net Worth, How much does he earn?

The details on the net worth of Darnell Erby aren’t available yet.

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Which school did he go to? What was his major?

Talking about the educational background of Darnell Erby, the high school he attended and the university he graduated from are under review.

Darnell Erby Wife, What about his relationship? Any children?

Darnell Erby is a father of 2 according to his Instagram. The information on his wife isn’t available.

His social media reach.

Darnell Erby is on Instagram as @Doubled916.

Darnell Erby’s Height, Weight, Sexual orientation

HeightN / A
WeightN / A
Hair colorBlack
Body typeFit
 Sexual orientationStraight

Interesting facts about Darnell Erby’s which you should be known about.

Zodiac signN / A
Relationship statusN / A