Who is Cuptoast? Does she reveal her face? Get Details about her Age, Net Worth

CupToast also known as Crumb, is an American YouTuber for her animations. She also occasionally streams games like Minecraft and Among Us, and sometimes draws on her Twitch channel. She is also known to draw a black and white doodle of her calico cat avatar when she replies to people on her Twitter.

Crumb has a high-pitched voice, which has caused some questions if she uses a voice changer, however, she has confirmed that she does not. She often played on a server called “Cogchamp SMP” with streamers Fund, 5up, Tubbo, Ranboo, and awesamdude.

Has CupToast done a face reveal?

Cuptoast almost accidentally revealed her face while doing a cooking stream with Tubbo and 5up. They were filming a cooking video when she almost took her box off.

She immediately gasped and remembered her box. Tubbo, later in the video, jokes about putting his hand on top of his box to keep it from falling.

It is a trend to hide your real face for streamers, though many of them have revealed their face as of now. A similar incident was about to occur in the CupToast case, but she is relieved that her face is hidden. She conceals her face sometimes with a Cricket hat featuring her cat character and most of the time with a carton box.

What is Cuptoast’s Real Name and Net Worth?

Cuptoast who is popular as Crumb is an American Youtuber known for her animations. Her estimated net worth is 50K USD. This is just an estimation, and the real value may be more or less. The streamer has kept her real name and face hidden from the public eye.

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She makes her living through Twitch and her merchandise. When she is on camera she wears a carton box, most likely for her privacy reasons.  Advertisements, subscribers, donations, and bits are all ways for streamers to make money.

CupToast on Social Platforms

Cuptoast has good followers on her media. She has got 663K+ subscribers on her Youtube. She has hidden her followers on her Twitch where she does streaming. CupToast has 690K+ followers on her Twitter. She has 380K+ followers on her Instagram.