TikTok Creator: Coco Briscoe, was arrested for making a TikTok

TikTok Creator: Coco Briscoe, was arrested for making a TikTok

Coco Briscoe is a well-recognized lady on TikTok who has been doing a series called Dating in DC.

TikTok Creator Coco Briscoe was detained.

Briscoe has gained attention once more as a result of the controversy her most recent TikTok videos generated.

Due to a conflict with surrounding companies, Coco Briscoe was charged in September 2021 with breaking a protective order. Since then, the restraining order has been lifted. Briscoe attended the Arlington General District Court hearing for her indictment. The judge also heard testimony regarding whether the Emergency Protective Order, which had been in place for 72 hours, needed to be extended.

Following several films accusing Coco Briscoe of endangering women and disturbing children, she is in the spotlight. Coco Briscoe has been filming TikTok videos in an effort to dispel these accusations, and she is the one who has been subjected to harassment for more than a year.

In order to explain her experience with harassment and how she is being misrepresented, Coco has created a series of explanation films.

She describes how she went on a date with a guy in her video. There was a large group when Coco went on her date; it wasn’t just the two of them. Due to the peculiar looks being given by a female in the group, Coco was not feeling at all at ease there.

Physically Push

She also says how everyone had been drinking shots and gradually becoming inebriated when Coco and her date left since she did not want any awkward situations to arise. Coco also mentioned that she went to the pub with a member of the group that she was previously familiar with. When the man confronted Coco outside the bar, she had to physically push him away.

Following a series of incidents, Coco discovered that there was a group chat where they discussed Coco’s locations and claimed to have spoken horrible things about her. They appear to be following her around in the group conversation.

Coco Briscoe went to the police station and complained to an officer about being followed around and having her recordings taken without her permission. The only option the officer had for her was to erase her TikTok account. But Coco didn’t like the answer that was given to her. Coco turned to her TikTok account and revealed these specifics, pleading for assistance after she ran out of alternatives.

Emergency Protective Order

A group chat participant who wanted to prevent Coco from telling her tale on TikTok quickly filed an emergency protective order. Before receiving a new protective order, Briscoe agreed to the first one.

Before being given permission to leave, Coco was detained for almost five hours. She has been explaining her side of the tale in videos. According to Coco, she is still looking into the entire scenario and will soon inform her followers of this information.

After a year, Coco is still discussing these incidents since she continues to experience these illegal happenings.

Coco Briscoe  Age, Family, and Early Life

Crystal Nicole Briscoe is a 40 years old woman. The exact date of birth and family details of Coco isn’t available.

coco briscoe family

Coco Briscoe Career, What is her profession?

Briscoe is an active social media content creator. But we have no information on if she is involved in further additional jobs or not.

Coco Briscoe Boyfriend, Is she dating?

Briscoe’s relationship status is not yet disclosed to the general media.

Coco Briscoe Net Worth, How much does she earn?

Talking about the net worth details of Coco, no data on her income stats have been disclosed.

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Which school did she go to? What was her major?

As for the details of the educational background of Coco, the high school she went to and the university she graduated from are all unknown.

Her social media reach.

Coco is quite famous as a person on social platforms. She is on TikTok as @cocobriscoe with 100k+ followers. She is on Instagram as @coco.briscoe.

Coco Briscoe’s Height, Weight, sexual orientation,

HeightN / A
WeightN / A
Hair colorBrown
Body typeFit
 Sexual orientationStraight

Interesting facts about Coco Briscoe’s which you should be known

Zodiac signN / A
Relationship statusN / A
ChildrenN / A