10 Things You Didn’t Know About Chef Dee

Chef Dee is a well-known person who is famous for being fun and appearing on a TV show called The Bad Boys Texas.

The show, The Bad Boys Texas, is about six young guys who live together and organize events to promote themselves. Sometimes they argue and fight. There have been two seasons of the show, each one filmed in a different location. The first season was filmed in Los Angeles, California, and the second season was filmed while the cast was traveling through Texas.

Chef Dee is also a star on a reality TV show called Terrible Young Men Club, which is part of the Zeus Network.

Chef Dee real name is Devon Bussell

Chef Lee, also known as Devon Bussell, is a chef who appears on a TV show without a script. He uses the name Gourmet Specialist Dee on the show. But no matter what, in his mother’s opinion, Devon is still a young boy.

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Devon was born on April 19, 1995, in Chicago, Illinois.

He lost his father at a young age

Chef Dee, a famous TV star, owns a restaurant called Monster Meals. People love the unique and creative dishes on the menu. But when he was just five years old, his father died, which made him very sad.

Even though his father passed away 23 years ago, Cheff Dee believes that his dad would be proud of him if he were still alive. In the past nine years, he has faced many challenges but also achieved a good reputation in the cooking industry.

Dee is a successful entrepreneur

The multi-talented chef owns and operates restaurants as well as his own food truck, Monster Meals. He also serves as the CEO of Supreme Event Productions and DeeVine Desserts.

Chef Dee Entrepreneur

The Bad Boys Texas actor additionally provides catering services.

He is a travel Enthusiast

Chef Dee’s love for Travis is as much as his love for cooking. He is often seen on fancy vacations to different places where he most likely explores the food culture. He is seen posting on his social handles often during his vacation.

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He has shared pictures of himself when in Tokyo, Hawaii, Mexico, and many more on his Instagram page.

Chef Dee is an outgoing person

Chef Lee is a very fun person to be around. He is always seen having a great time with his loved ones. On weekends he hits the club with his mates and updates his fans with all his fun time on his Instagram stories. He as well posts often on his page. 

But Chef Lee has never compromised his job for fun. He knows his priorities and does his best with his job and responsibilities.

He worked as a Chef for Zeus Network

For almost three years, Devon served as the executive chef for The Zeus Network. He worked with some well-known celebrities while showcasing his culinary talents.

He handled all of their catering for the performances, meetings, and casting as executive chef. He finally made his television debut this year after working behind the scenes for several years.

Chef is originally from Chicago

Chef Dee who currently lives in Los Angeles, California, is originally from Chicago, Illinois according to his Facebook bio. He is the CEO and President of Dee Monster CO.

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In 2021 when in LA he founded Monster Meals, which was a  food truck. Later he was successful in expanding his business to Houston, Texas, in May 2022.

Chef Dee has a very high net worth

Chef Dee is worth $200,000. He makes most of his money as a chef and a famous person on TV.

Chef Dee does a lot of things. He has a food truck called Monster Meals, and he is the boss of Supreme Event Productions and DeeVine Desserts.

The average chef in Texas earns about $17.42 per hour. The salary can be different in each city and depends on how much experience you have.

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A chef’s hourly pay can range from $11.78 to $30.24, depending on different factors. Around 45% of chefs in the US think they get enough money to cover their living expenses.

Devon also owns a restaurant. According to ZipRecruiter, a restaurant owner in Texas makes about $87,521 per year.

That’s around $1,683 per week or $7,293 per month. Furthermore, He is also a reality TV star and earns a good amount from his participation in various shows. He served as an executive chef for The Zeus Network for three years.

You can find him on Instagram

Chef Dee is on Instagram as @chefdeemonster with 142k followers. He has an active social media presence. He is often seen posting actively on his Instagram handle where he has made 627 posts till date.

Chef Dee dated saucy Santana previously

Saucy Santana, a rapper and internet personality from the United States, used to be Chef Dee’s girlfriend. They were in a relationship for a long time. They were still together until August 2022.

On August 19, 2022, Santana surprised the chef with a lovely gift. He posted a video of himself being very happy and wrote, “I really love these so much!” You all don’t understand. The chef always liked flowers and wanted to have them. Finally, Santana fulfilled his wish by giving him a beautiful bouquet of heart-shaped red and white roses. However, the post now has been deleted.

When the chef appeared in The Bad Boys and announced that he was single, people found out about their breakup.

People speculated that the show might have caused their relationship issues. The two have since allegedly split. However, the circumstances surrounding the alleged breakup are unclear.