“He’s gonna do it. Boom!”, Johnna Rhone Teacher charged for writing a threat notes in school

Johnna Rhone, a 60-year-old retired art teacher at a Michigan middle school, faces felony charges for allegedly leaving threatening notes under classroom doors. Rhone’s denial of the accusations, reactions from the prosecutor and her attorney, and public response to the shocking case that has stunned the school community.

  • Johnna Rhone is a 59-year-old retired art teacher who worked at Jefferson Middle School in Royal Oak, Michigan for 21 years.

  • She was charged with making a false report or threat of terrorism, a 20-year felony, for allegedly leaving threatening handwritten notes under 3 classroom doors at the school.

  • This occurred two weeks after the deadly Oxford High School shooting, at a time when school threats were being taken very seriously.

  • The notes allegedly said things like “Start break early. He’s gonna do it. Just don’t be in the hall after lunch. Boom.”

  • Rhone denies the accusations and claims she is innocent. Her lawyer says she “looks forward to defending herself.”

  • She was released on $75,000 bond and placed on GPS tether and home arrest until a psychological evaluation.

  • The prosecutor suggests Rhone may have been trying to get school canceled early with false threats.

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Johnna Rhone Teacher charged with writing school threat notes

Johnna Rhone, a 59-year-old art teacher at Jefferson Middle School in Royal Oak, has been charged with making false threats against the school, prosecutors announced on Monday.

The Charges Rhone was arraigned on one count of making a false report or threat of terrorism, a 20-year felony. Her bond was set at $75,000.

The Allegations According to prosecutors, Rhone left three threatening handwritten notes under classroom doors at the school last week. Surveillance footage allegedly shows her slipping the notes under the doors.

Macomb County Prosecutor Peter Lucito read excerpts from one note during a news conference:

“Start break early. He’s gonna do it. Just don’t be in the hall after lunch. Boom.”

Johnna Letter

I can expect something like this for a child, not an adult.

Lucido read from the alleged notes
Johnna Rhona On Court
Pic: On court denying the charges “Not True, Not True, Not True” (Source: Latestcelebarticles.com)

The notes caused serious concern among parents and school officials in light of the recent deadly shooting at Oxford High School. Prosecutors say this is the first time they have charged an adult and trusted school employee with making such threats.

We take a zero tolerance make no mistake, about it a zero tolerance here in macomb, county from students and teachers that, are threatening others we will not, we will not, leave that at all

Lucido said

Rhone’s Response Rhone denies the allegations, whispering her innocence during a video court appearance on Monday. Her attorney stated she is “flat out denying” the accusations and looks forward to defending herself in court.

Rhone has worked at Jefferson Middle School for 21 years and was a well-known and long-tenured teacher. Her motives remain unclear. Prosecutor Lucito said he would like to hear her side of the story.

For now, Rhone remains on house arrest with GPS monitoring until her psychological evaluation and subsequent court appearance in February.

“She has a right to remain silent, but I would like to hear her side,”

Lucido said.

Rhone Denies Allegations Through Her Attorney

After Monday’s court hearing, Johnna Rhone’s attorney firmly denied the allegations against his client.

“She’s flat out denying them,” her attorney told reporters. He pointed out that the school superintendent saw no credible threat in the notes, based on the content.

“I don’t think there’s any threat to this particular community or the kids of this community,” her lawyer stated.

Rhone’s attorney, Andrew Leone, emphasized that she denies the accusations and “looks forward to defending herself.” He noted she has dedicated 21 years of service to the school district.

Leone said the superintendent viewed the notes as words on paper without substantiation of a real threat. He suggested the community should not rush to judgment against Rhone.

Prosecutor Highlights Severity Assistant Prosecutor Patrick Sierawski told the court that parents were afraid to send their kids to school in the current climate following the Oxford shooting.

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Prosecutor Pete Lucido stated the notes had a straightforward threatening meaning that would worry any parent. “I wouldn’t want my own child or children to be around that school when somebody is making a threat of that nature,” Lucido remarked.

He said these are unprecedented times requiring vigilance against all threats.

Rhone awaits further legal proceedings under house arrest and GPS monitoring. Her attorney maintains she looks forward to proving her innocence in court.

Who is Johnna Rhone?

Johnna Rhone is a 60-year-old retired art teacher who spent much of her career working at Jefferson Middle School in Royal Oak, Michigan.

Johnna Rhona Teacher
Pic: Johnna Rhone Arrested (Source: Latestcelebarticles.com)

Rhone was a long-time resident of Royal Oak and a well-known fixture at the school for over two decades. She worked as an art teacher and developed deep ties in the local community over her many years of service.

Despite her long tenure, Rhone’s recent alleged actions have left many horrified and shocked. She now awaits trial on charges of making false threats against the school.

Public Reaction Mixed on Allegations

The public response to the allegations against Rhone has been mixed. Some urge caution in rushing to judgment, noting that she denies the accusations and deserves fair legal proceedings.

Others express outright disbelief that a respected teacher would jeopardize her career in such a manner. Many are eager to understand Rhone’s side of the story and the motive behind such threats, if true.

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Keep in mind that these are just allegations at the moment, which she has denied. Want to know a bit more before rushing to judgment. Yes, I know, entering a “not guilty” plea after being charged is common, and often precedes a plea bargain. They may have her dead to rights. I just haven’t seen enough to go there yet.

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And now I suppose that we are edging into The Outer Limits!

Some crazy stories in here today! Wow! Keep up the good work though, definitely interesting.

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A 59-year-old art teacher throws away 21 years in the school system for this stupid stunt?
I’m at a total loss.

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