Galko-Chan Manga Artist, Kenya Suzuki arrested for Child Po**ography

Manga artist Kenya Suzuki, born in 1981, was a rising star known for his Manga series Please Tell Me! Galko-chan. But his fans were shocked when he was arrested in 2020 for importing child por**graphy from Germany. Suzuki admitted to wanting n*de photos of foreign children “that cannot be acquired in Japan.”

After a trial in 2022, he received a suspended sentence but also pledged to reform his behavior.

Manga Artist, Kenya Suzuki, Convicted in Child Por**graphy Case

Kenya Suzuki, a prominent manga artist in Japan, was arrested in late 2020 and recently convicted on child por**graphy charges in a high-profile trial.

Suzuki Faces Disturbing Charges

In December 2020, 40-year-old Suzuki was arrested for importing child por**graphy from Germany, violating Japanese customs law. Police raided his home near Tokyo and uncovered 46 books and magazines containing child por**graphy.

The materials were published by a German nudist organization and depicted n*de children. In a chilling admission to authorities, Suzuki said he “desperately wanted n*de photos of foreign children that cannot be acquired in Japan.”

Despite claiming the publications were legal when originally purchased, the timeline indicates Suzuki likely obtained them after they were banned.

Kenya Suzuki Was Briefly Missing

Prior to his trial, Suzuki was reported missing for a week in 2021. A fellow manga artist tweeted about his disappearance before updating that Suzuki had been located.

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In addition, I have caused a lot of concern to my readers and all those concerned, as it was initially reported that I was missing. Furthermore, the subsequent news report of his arrest must have caused a great deal of shock and disappointment to those who were so concerned. In addition, the arrest of a comic artist has caused a great deal of inconvenience to the comic industry as a whole. I would like to reiterate my deepest apologies for these matters.

Suzuki said on the statement

Convicted After Trial, Given Suspended Sentence

Prosecutors sought over a year of prison time for Suzuki’s offenses. In August 2022, the Nagoya District Court found Suzuki guilty but issued a suspended 1-year, 2-month sentence.

The judge cited “societal sanctions” already placed on Suzuki and gave him 3 years to avoid further legal trouble. If he complies, Suzuki will avoid jail time.

Suzuki Admits Guilt, Pledges Reform

After the verdict was handed down, Suzuki published remarks in both Japanese and English where he conceded his guilt. He stated he would not dispute the court’s judgment. Suzuki claimed he had obtained the materials solely for his own personal curiosity and not as artistic inspiration for his manga drawings. “I am utterly ashamed of my poor awareness and superficial conduct,” he continued. “I will severely discipline myself so I do not repeat this crime,” Suzuki pledged. He expressed deep regret and vowed to reform his behavior going forward.

Kenya Suzuki Pledges
Pic: Kenya Suzuki Pledges Announce via his Twitter

I have consistently admitted my guilt since the initial police interrogation and have told the truthful story, and at the trial, I admitted the facts charged by the prosecution. The Okazaki Branch of the Nagoya District Court has sentenced me to one year and two months in prison, with a three-year suspended sentence. Since I have no intention of filing an appeal, the verdict against me is expected to become final.

Suzuki is most famous for his manga series Please Tell Me! Galko-chan, which was also adapted into an anime. The case has shocked his fans in Japan and worldwide.

Kenya Suzuki’s career

Prior to his arrest, Kenya Suzuki had seen his manga series Please Tell Me! Galko-chan gain popularity in Japan.

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Galko-chan Debuts, Gets Anime Adaptation

The series focuses on high school girl Galko and her friends. It first launched digitally in 2014 before being picked up for print.

Galko-chan has since been collected into 5 volumes and continues to serialize online. The manga also inspired a 12-episode anime adaptation in 2016.

Kenya Suzuki Galko Chan
Pic: Kenya Suzuki Galko Chan

While not reaching the mainstream heights of Demon Slayer or Attack on Titan, Galko-chan has been a modest hit. Its anime brought the series more international fans.

Prior to his arrest, Kenya Suzuki had seen his manga series Please Tell Me! Galko-chan gained popularity in Japan.

In addition to his manga work, Suzuki cultivated an online fanbase. He posted artwork and updates on Twitter, where he had over 87K+ followers at the time of his arrest.