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Who is Alvin Miclat? A teacher from Philippine High School was accused of s*xual abuse

Is someone else with the same name linked with the suspect in the PHSA case?

Following the publication of an article by Vice World News detailing how s*x abuse was allegedly continued among students and staff for decades at Philippine High School, where the name of Alvin has been widely spoken alongside another person named Zuniga, the name Alvin Miclat has been circulating all over the internet.

Numerous sources on the internet state that after being brought into custody by the National Bureau of Investigation, Alvin underwent a lie detector test. The results of the test revealed irregularities, which led to his detention.

While our research team was performing its research on this man, they found that many sources on the internet are using the wrong picture of a man who went by the name of Alvin Soliman Miclat, thinking he was the suspect person since they are two different people.

Like other people, we were misled by the facts about the abuser Miclat since we mistook him for Alvin Soliman Miclat in our post and associated him with the PHSA case suspect, which undoubtedly hurt his reputation.

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In order to make corrections to Mr. Alvin Soliman Miclat, who personally contacted us through our comment section and graciously informed us of our errors, we would like to make clear that the identity, images, and professional information that several websites are using are entirely those of Mr. Alvin Soliman Miclat, who has been mistakenly identified as the suspect in the Philippine High School S*xual Assault Case.