highland park ii victim, 2-years-old, Aiden Mccarthy

highland park ii victim, 2-years-old, Aiden Mccarthy

Toddler Aiden McCarthy gained notoriety online after the Highland Park Shooting claimed the lives of both of his parents.

During the Illinois July 4th parade shooting, Aiden’s parents perished. By holding the infant close to them while resting on the ground, the parents were able to save the youngster.

A couple named Dana and Greg Ring noticed Aiden after the situation had calmed down a little. Despite being unsure of what to do, the couple took the infant and drove to their nearby home.

Later, the Highland Park police picked him up and delivered him to his grandparents.

Where is Aiden McCarthy now?

Two-year-old Aiden has been trending on social media since he was left during the Highland Park incident.

One of the seven persons killed in the atrocity was the boy’s parents. Despite being slaughtered, Kevin McCarthy and his wife Irina McCarthy managed to save their infant by cradling him beneath their bodies.

After the gunfire ended and his pictures started appearing all over the media, Aiden was afraid and strolled around Highland’s streets by himself.

Greg and Dana drove the kid to the North Shore neighborhood even though they saw no signs of injury. The cops picked him up, and he met his grandfather again in the hospital.

Aiden’s grandfather said that the baby was saying “Mommy and Daddy are coming soon” hours later the horrific incident.

Family of the Highland Park Shooting Victims

Many victims of the Highland Park massacre were separated from their families, including the McCarthys, who had to leave their two-year-old son behind.

Just ten minutes after the sudden gunfire began, the Independence Day procession in Highland Park descended into bloodshed. A few hours after the shooting, Robert Bobby Crimo, the suspect, was taken into police custody.

The only child of Michael and Nina Levberg was Irina McCarthy, who was Aiden’s mother. Although she was born in Russia, her family subsequently relocated to Chicago. She attended DePaul University as well as Stevenson High School.

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Irina started out as a waiter. She pursued a career in digital marketing for the pharmaceutical sector after graduating. While employed in the pharmaceutical industry, she met Kevin McCarthy.

With their son Aiden, the couple was satisfied with their lives. They had also intended to have another child, but sadly, they were shot and killed.