Florida shark attack survival: Addison Bethea, 17

Florida shark attack survival: Addison Bethea, 17

A Florida teen who survived a nine-foot shark attack but had to have a portion of her leg amputated has recalled the harrowing minutes leading up to the attack.

After her brother saved her from a shark attack in Florida, a teenager will lose a leg.

The Florida teen who survived a shark attack last week in Tallahassee must now prepare for an upcoming operation to amputate one of her legs. A shark unexpectedly approached and bit Addison Bethea, a 17-year-old from the adjacent community of Perry, who was scalloping in shallow waters off the coast of Keaton Beach on Thursday.

Although persons who witnessed the incident afterward believed that the shark was about 9 feet long, neither officials nor witnesses have been able to determine the species of shark that attacked Bethea. Following the shark’s attachment to the top portion of Bethea’s right leg, CBS Miami reported that she will need to have her limb amputated on Tuesday.

Bethea described how her older brother, firefighter Rhett Willingham, was able to fend off the shark and provide emergency medical assistance after hauling her to safety during a recent interview at the hospital where she is presently undergoing therapy. She recalled, “We were scalloping for about two hours and went to the last area, obviously for only about fifteen minutes, and we were coming towards the boat and I felt like a tug.” The shark was subsequently remembered as having a “strange position,” which prevented Bethea from punching it in the nose.

We were in about six feet of water when it attempted to drag her under, she continued. According to Willingham, he was only a few feet away from Bethea when he heard her shout. It seemed like something startled her, so I got to my feet to turn around and see what was happening, he said.

Stop Bleeding

She was underwater, and when she surfaced, there was blood all over her, and I could see the shark. He pulled Bethea out of the shark’s mouth, carried her onto a boat, and started to bind her damaged leg to stop the bleeding.

Michele Murphy, the mother of the children, hailed Willingham and referred to her daughter’s survival as “a miracle.” According to medical norms, Murphy remarked, “My daughter shouldn’t be living right now.” “It’s a miracle she survived this, and I know if Rhett hadn’t been with her when it happened, our current situation may be quite different.” Even though Bethea will need time to recuperate, she is confident that she will eventually be able to swim again. Don’t be afraid of the sea, she said. I had a lot of comments on my Instagram from people stating, “I’m so afraid of the ocean now. But after I recover and feel better, I’ll still go swimming in the sea.

Don’t allow fear to rule your life; I’ll continue to pursue my passion. The attack on Thursday is the most recent in a troubling trend of similar incidents. Following several years of diminishing rates, shark attacks surged globally in 2021, with more attacks reported in the United States than in any other nation. A little more than 40% of the 73 unprovoked shark bites reported worldwide originated in Florida. On the other hand, according to the National Weather Service, lightning strikes about 270 persons in the US annually.

Addison Bethea Age, Family, Early Life

Addison Bethea is 17 years old. She holds an American nationality. She belongs to the white ethnic group. His exact birth date and Zodiac sign are unknown.

addison bethea family

There are no facts accessible because Addison Bethea has forbidden the media from knowing specifics about her family.

Addison Bethea Boyfriend, What about her Relationship?

There isn’t much information online concerning Addison Bethea’s relationship.

Addison Bethea’s Career, What is her profession?

There are no details available on Addison Bethea’s career.

How much is Addison Bethea Net worth?

It is unknown what Addison Bethea’s financial position is. She must, however, make a reasonable living from her work, in our opinion. Cassidy has kept her financial details private.

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It is therefore challenging to estimate her net worth.                                          

Which school and college did She go to?

The specifics of Addison Bethea’s education and academic background are still a secret.

Is She available on any kind of social media platform?

Addison Bethea not available on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

Physical Appearance of Addison Bethea’s Height, Weight

HeightNot Available
Hair colorBlonde
Eye colorHazel
WeightNot Available
Body typeFit
Sexual orientationStraight

Interesting facts about Addison Bethea’s should be knows

Zodiac signNot Available
Relationship StatusSingle