Zoie Burgher previously dated D’Angelo Taylor and has a child

Zoie Burgher is an influencer, a content creator, and a YouTube and Twitch streamer. In this article, let’s have a closer look at her family, career, relationships, and many interesting facts you may not be aware of.

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Zoie Burgher hails from Miami, Florida

Zoie Burgher was born on November 29, 1995, in Miami, Florida, Unites States. She is 27 years old and will turn 28 in 2023. Zoie is of American nationality and of white ethnicity. She hails from Florida and has as well stayed in Arizona. Her birth sign is Sagittarius.

She is bilingual and speaks English, Spanish, and a bit of Polish. Zoie is keen to learn new languages as she believes that one can understand people’s thought processes only by understanding their culture, tradition, and language. She has a height of 5 Feet 8 Inches (1.76 Meters).

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She had joined Florida State University to pursue a major in “International and Public Relations”. But she dropped out and was also a part of Arizona State University for a very short period of time.

Zoie Burgher is a mom to a child with her ex-boyfriend D’Angelo

Not many people know that the young-looking influencer has a child from her previous relationship with D’Angelo Taylor. Her ex-boyfriend is a YouTuber as well. Zoie revealed her ex-boyfriend in one of her Youtube videos titled “Reading Mean Comments With My BOYFRIEND”. They met at a club while partying and started dating back in 2017. The couple welcomed a child, Jyrie in 2019.

Zoie Burgher Ex-Boyfriend

Throughout their relationship, D’Angelo used to Motivate her via his Tweets:

“I know i don’t tell you as much as I should, but I truly care about you. My feelings for you grow stronger with every day that passes. It amazes me how much a simple thought of you brings the biggest smile my face has ever held in such a long time. Every moment I spend with you makes me so happy. You have been such a blessing to me. I know with everything I’ve said so far it still falls short of what I truly feel in my heart. You’re the best!!!”

D’Angelo Tweet about Zoie Burgher
Zoie Burgher Ex Boyfriend Dangelo Taylor

D’Angelo has two sons from his previous relationship and got separated in 2016 following an official divorce. Currently, D’Angelo Taylor is keeping his baby with him and taking care of them, he casually uploads vlogs of him and a Baby boy.

But however, D’Angelo Taylor lived a simple life as a crane operator and devoted single father. He had only a passing familiarity with the competitive world of Call of Duty, and the idea of “videogame fame” was but a distant concept to him.

However, after spending several weeks getting to know his girlfriend, Burgher, she made the bold decision to announce their relationship to the world. With a swift and powerful impact, Burgher’s massive Twitter following of 646,000 collided with Taylor’s previously low-key online presence, sending his life spiraling into uncharted territory.

FOX sued Zoie Burgher over using the name ‘Zoidberg’

FOX sued Burgher to stop using a character named Zoidberg from “Futurama” in her YouTube videos. Burgher had used Zoidberg in her overlays and videos. FOX asked for $150,000 for each video and tweet that used Zoidberg, which could have cost Burgher $1.2 million. It’s not clear what happened with the potential lawsuit. But Burgher stopped using Zoidberg in her videos.

The Journey of Zoie Burgher in the Gaming World

Burgher began working online in 2013. On her self-titled YouTube channel, she racked up more than 1 million subscribers, and she had more than 574,000 Twitter followers. She is also known for heavily being engaged in YouTube drama in 2016. Zoie was once a contestant in Miss Coed 2016, along with Natalia Taylor.

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She uploads her singing videos to her official YouTube channel along with her vlogs. More than 4.2 million people have watched Zoie Burgher: An Origin Story, one of her most well-liked videos. She hasn’t uploaded any videos, though, in a year. Burgher was actively seen on the adult website, OnlyF.

Zoie Burgher is permanently banned from Twitch

Zoie Burgher’s rise to fame as a Twitch streamer was nothing short of meteoric. Starting out as a college student with a passion for playing Call of Duty and a daring wardrobe, she quickly gained a massive following with her s**ually charged streams.

Zoie Burgher Banned From Twitch

However, On her Twitch streaming channel, she used to play “Call of Duty” while twerking in skimpy clothing. Even after a continuous warning from the Twitch Community, she didn’t stop performing it. For violating rules and regulations, she received a couple of channel suspensions. She was branded as a person who could sell the body for fame and money and is now permanently banned from Twitch.

Youtube Channels as a main source of Income

Despite the ban she faced on the platform, she didn’t give up and moved her streams to YouTube, where she continued to captivate audiences with her unique blend of pin-up and gaming content.

American YouTuber Zoie Burgher has a $2 million dollar net worth. Zoie Burgher makes the majority of her income from her channel and various endorsements.

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According to SocialBlade, she earned about $67,600 a year from her official YouTube channel. She has also joined Luxe Gaming, an all-female gaming team, and 971K people have subscribed to her official YouTube account.

Since 2015, she has been the platform’s proprietor. The distinction between gamers and models was handled by the organization. She earns a respectable income from the gaming platform.

Launched Luxe Gaming Project as a successful media CEO

Zoie wanted to be a CEO in the media industry and started “Luxe Gaming” with her first project “Luxe House.” It’s a web reality show where young women live together and share their daily lives on YouTube. Unlike other reality shows, “Luxe House” had real-time fan feedback. Zoie and her friend Abigale introduced the show in a video and shared their web names. Zoie’s boyfriend was the CFO of “Luxe Gaming” and managed the male team.

Zoie Burgher faced Bullied, Hate comments and victim of Depression

According to our research teams and articles in a few media, she has gone through extensive bullying while she was pursuing her education at “Florida State University”. As a result, she dropped out.

Following her ban from Twitch and her new body transformation, she has been getting a lot of hate comments on her social media.

🥰 I’ve struggled a lot w depression, but these days I’m feeling happier and thankful to everyone I’ve met, for touching my life in ways big and small. If you see me, don’t be a stranger! Kindness & recognition go a long way ❤️

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Many of her followers and haters consider her a vulgar and cheap woman. She is being mocked continuously for the adult contents and body surgeries she has gone for. In one of her Instagram posts, she revealed that she has struggled a lot with depression. She has been seen inactive on Instagram since August 29, 2022.