Zack Goytowski from Season 4 of Love Is Blind Embarrassingly Caught In A Lie

Zack Goytowski is a newcomer to the fourth season of the hit reality TV show Love is Blind. Love is Blind is a popular dating reality TV show that premiered on Netflix in 2020. The show features single men and women who are looking for love and are willing to commit to a partner without ever seeing them in person. The show has been praised for its unique concept and has gained a large following of fans who enjoy the drama and romance that unfolds on the show.

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Zack Goytowski, a Love is Blind Season 4 Newbie, is Currently Being Ridiculed After Being Exposed as a Liar

Zack Goytowski, a new cast member of Love Is Blind season 4, has recently faced criticism and ridicule after being exposed as a liar. The 31-year-old criminal defense lawyer had been torn between two women, Bliss Poureetezadi and Irina Solomonova, during the show. Irina, who was perceived as the season’s antagonist along with her partner Micah Lussier, was controversially chosen by Zack over Bliss.

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However, Zack’s troubles did not end there. A clip of Zack from Love Is Blind season 4 singing a song to Irina was posted by a TikTok user @wigburg4ever. The user claimed that Zack had stolen the lyrics to the song, which he had claimed to have written himself. The song was later identified as “Sara’s Song” by the band Ludo. The TikTok user called out Zack for being a liar and a thief and exposed him for claiming the song as his own. The embarrassing moment made viewers cringe and left some feeling secondhand embarrassment.

The viewers of Love Is Blind season 4 seem to agree that his use of stolen song lyrics was cringe-worthy

One user expressed disbelief that Zack thought he could get away with using a song that included the phrase “Blarney Stone” without being caught. Zack has since apologized for his mistake and claimed that he gave credit to the original songwriters. He admitted that it was one of his top five most embarrassing moments.

Despite Zack’s song gaffe, some fans still find it hard to believe that he chose Irina over Bliss. This decision was made even after Zack had acknowledged Irina’s “vicious” side. Bliss had suggested that Zack’s decision to choose Irina would reveal his true nature, and in hindsight, this may have been a prescient observation given Irina’s callous treatment of Zack and the other female cast members on the show. After Zack and Irina’s ill-fated trip to Mexico, Zack ended things with Irina. It was then revealed that Irina had expressed interest in Micah’s partner, Paul Peden.

Zack’s Life Outside of Love is Blind

Zack, a competitor on Season 4 of Love is Blind, loves working out. He is a 31-year-old criminal defense lawyer who enjoys doing calisthenics and Jiu-Jitsu.

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Zack has worked as a lawyer on high-profile matters and pro bono cases for those who needed it
In addition to his passion for exercise, Zack enjoys going to various places and trying out various foods. No details regarding his prior relationship can be found on his Instagram. You can find more of Zack on his Instagram as @zackgoytowski. He has gained 29.2k+ followers on his Instagram through his appearance in the show.

Zack Goytowski shares his mother’s inspiring story of resilience and the impact it had on his life

Zack Goytowski recently shared his mother’s story on national TV with Russian native Irina Solomonova. He spoke highly of his mother, describing her as an amazing human being. During the conversation, Zack opened up about his childhood struggles that had a profound impact on his life. He revealed that he had to move from place to place throughout his childhood as his mother was a single mom and worked as a stripper to provide food for him. He vividly remembers moments when he would go through the drive-through and his mother would break down in tears as she couldn’t afford to buy him a meal.

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Zack also shared that his mother passed away and he had been on autopilot ever since. In the debut episode of the show, he confessed that he had just gone through the motions of passing the bar, getting through law school, and making money for his firm, all while slowly dying inside. He realized that if he wanted to honor his mother’s memory and do what she wanted for him, he couldn’t keep playing it safe.

Alexa Williams, Zack Goytowski’s sister, TikTok video reveals heartbreaking truth about mother’s death

Recently Zack Goytowski shared his mother’s story on national TV with Russian native Irina Solomonova where it was revealed to the viewers that his mother is no more. after that Alexa Williams who is the younger sister posted a Video on her Tik Tok praising her brother for sharing their mom’s story on national Tv.

In the video Alexa Williams revealed that they lost their mother in a terrible car accident on April 10, 2014. she was struck head-on by a Truck driver. The Tik Tok video is compiled with images of Zack and Alexa’s picture with their mother and some early days pictures of their mother. She further expresses how proud their mother would be of her son Zack and she would love to play with her granddaughter if she was alive.

Alexa Williams is Zack Goytowski’s Younger sister

Alexa Williams is the younger sister of Zack Goytowski and she is married. In one of her recent Tik Tok videos, she revealed that she got married when she was only 19 years old and now she is a stay home mother at the age 23 to her daughter.

Zack Goytowski Sister

Zack Goytowski Graduated from the University of Idaho College of Law

Zack Goytowski, known for his appearance on the reality series Love Is Blind, pursued a law degree at the University of Idaho College of Law in 2016 and went on to become a successful criminal defense attorney. Despite misconceptions that he was a stripper, Zack’s reputation in his town as a reputable lawyer speaks for itself.

He found fulfillment in helping others navigate challenging legal situations. However, Zack made a drastic decision to leave his legal career behind for a chance at finding love in the fourth season of Love Is Blind, which premiered on March 24, 2023.

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On his LinkedIn profile, Zack reveals that he holds a bachelor’s degree in sociology, which he earned in 2012, before pursuing his law degree. In 2020, Zack reflected on his law school graduation day, which marked the end of his four-year legal education at the University of Idaho College of Law.

Zack works as a lawyer in Seattle

Previously, Zack worked as a criminal defense lawyer for Wenatchee Law in Washington. After being given the chance to take part in the reality series Love Is Blind, he relocated to Seattle. He practices martial arts and is a criminal defense lawyer. Before this, he was employed by Kottkamp, Yedinak & Esworthy, P.L.L.C.

He has tried instances including driving while suspended, assault, and drunk driving during his career. He gave his client the assurance that he would fight for their rights and increase their awareness of them.
His customer’s value and highly suggest him since he is a professional, knowledgeable, and dedicated individual. The lawyer has six years of experience and is qualified in this area. The fearless trial attorney would vigorously defend individuals against his client’s criminal accusations.

Zack’s Clients Value Him Highly

Zack’s client’s value and highly recommend him because of his professionalism, knowledge, and dedication. He is a fearless trial attorney who vigorously defends his clients against criminal accusations. He assures his clients that he will fight for their rights and increase awareness of them.

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Fans Have Mixed Feelings About Zack

Although some fans have mixed feelings about Zack overall, many were particularly upset when he claimed a song by the band Ludo as his own and sang it to Irina. Some fans find it difficult to believe that Zack chose Irina over Bliss, even after telling Irina that he could see her “vicious” side. However, others defend Zack and blame editing for his mistakes.