Mexican Tv Star, Xavier López Rodríguez ‘Chabelo’ Left his Legacy to His Wife and Family Following His Death

Xavier López Rodríguez, well known by his stage name “Chabelo,” was a Mexican-American actor, comedian, television host, and singer of children’s music who had been active in the television industry for more than 60 years. An actor, comedian, and producer, passed away on Saturday at the age of 88, as his family revealed on his official Twitter account.

“This is a very sad morning, Xavier Lopez Chabelo, father, brother, and husband, has left us suddenly due to abdominal complications,” the message reads.

“With a broken soul and knowing that many people have loved him for many years and that they will feel his loss, we ask you to pray for his rest and allow us to mourn peacefully the grief that overwhelms our entire family,” the family said.

López managed seven decades of children’s programming as the host of Mexico’s longest-running TV program. The actor contributed to countless other TV shows in addition to appearing in almost 30 films.

Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador paid tribute to the late actor in a heartfelt tweet following the announcement of his death.

“Hugs to family and friends for the death of Xavier López ‘Chabelo.’ How can I forget that my eldest son woke up early to see him over 40 years ago.”

A flashback to the legendary, actor’s life

Xavier López Rodríguez, who was born in Chicago to Mexican parents, later moved back to Mexico with his parents when he was a small child. Before embarking on a career as a comedy actor, which Xavier considered to be his true calling, he studied medicine.

Chabelo recorded over thirty musical CDs and took part in over thirty films. La Cuchufleta and La Güereja Quiere Más are only two of the numerous programs he produced. En Familia with Chabelo was his most well-known television program, though, and it aired on Televisa’s Canal de las Estrellas every Sunday morning.

This 47-year-long program, which was mostly geared toward kids, featured contests with audience members, giveaways, and games. Sunday, December 20, 2015, saw the program’s conclusion. He was among the last living celebs of the golden age of Mexican cinema at the time of his passing.

Xavier Lopez Rodriguez Chabelo

When Xavier López Rodríguez met the well-known acting duo “Panseco y Gamboa,” his career truly took off. Panseco worked in radio, while Gamboa (Ramiro) was in television. They taught Chabelo the fundamentals of the TV industry and were well-known in Mexico.

As the spokesperson for Pepsi Cola, Xavier López Rodríguez went throughout North and South America in the role of his “Chabelo” character. Due to his close ties to the Pepsi brand after the contract, he was unable to find employment. He ended up traveling the US for six months with Tongolele after being hired for a gig in New York City for a fraction of what he was used to charging.

In addition to recording more than thirty albums, Chabelo has appeared in more than thirty movies. As a producer, he is responsible for such shows as Los Simuladores and La Escuelita VIP.

Xavier López Rodríguez ‘Chabelo’ Leaves Behind a Legacy of Laughter and Love for His Wife and Children

Xavier López Rodriguez, fondly known as “Chabelo,” was not just a beloved comedian and television personality in Mexico, but also a loving husband and father to his family. Chabelo was married to Teresita Miranda, 62, a successful businesswoman born on October 5, 1960, with whom he tied the knot in 1981. Together, they had three children: Scar, Javier, and Juan Gabriel.

Teresita Miranda is the proprietor of several businesses, including a restaurant chain called “Chabelo’s” and a clothing line named after her famous husband. As a devoted wife and mother, Teresita was a pillar of strength for Chabelo and their children throughout their lives.

Xavier Lopez Rodriguez Wife Teresita Miranda

Chabelo also had two sisters, one of whom worked as the program’s secretary for En familia con Chabelo. Angelita Castany was his first wife, and the couple was married for two years before Chabelo tied the knot with Teresita.

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The news of Chabelo’s passing has left his family and fans in mourning, as the nation remembers the impact he had on Mexican entertainment and culture.