DC Talk Drummer, Rick May, passed away at the age of 54, Leaving Behind a Loving Family

Rick “Mayday” May a DC Talk Drummer, loving Father, Husband, and loving man of the May Family passed away unexpectedly on Friday, March 24 at the age of 54. The result of complications from a fungal infection he had been battling led to liver failure.

Conner revealed that May had experienced both highs and lows while battling a fungus in his lungs throughout the previous month. Throughout parts of his hospital stay, May exhibited improvement, which led physicians to give his family hope that he might be able to return home.

May’s journey over the past month was marked by highs and lows, including a brief period where he was declared clinically dead before being resuscitated. Despite the challenges he faced, May remained steadfast in his faith, expressing a profound sense of peace and a belief in God’s presence throughout his ordeal.

However, May got sick again this week, which sent his body into shock and led to liver failure, according to Conner.

Today we lost a legend. My dad, my life, my friend went to be in heaven with Jesus. He loved life. He loved people. He loved his family.

Over the past month he battled a fungal infection in his lungs. We have had highs and lows throughout that battle. We were told at some points that he would be able to go home. This week he got another infection that put his body in shock and caused him to have liver failure.

Today he was surrounded by people he loved. People he poured into relationally. People that he continually has been Uncle Rick for time after time again. He had such a heart for those that needed purpose. He had vision that was always beyond what others could see. He was always calling out more in people like a true father always would.

My mom and I love him deeply. We know his legacy lives on. We know it runs deep in our veins. My dad told me this past month he wanted to see heaven on earth. We told each other when he gets out of the hospital, we were going to change the world. The truth is, he has already changed the world. His life is a true example of what it looks like to be a world changer.

Dad, I love you. You’re with me in my heart. Let’s continue to change the world for Jesus together. I invite everyone reading this to do the same.

May’s son Conner posted on Instagram.

May release three albums with The Walter Eugenes between 1991 and 2000, but he is best known in the Christian music community as the touring drummer for TobyMac, Michael Tait, and Kevin Max’s band DC Talk (“Welcome to the Freak Show,” “Supernatural Tour,” and “Solo Tour”) and for contributing to the Grammy-nominated “Supernatural” album.

May own a music studio in Chillicothe, Ohio, where he mentored and influenced a lot of up-and-coming bands, many of whom later signed recording deals with Christian record labels.

The May Family Mourns the Loss of Beloved Drummer Rick May

May, who was a well-known drummer, was the son of Johnny May and Regina Ford May, born on April 6, 1968. While his mother resides in Columbus, Ohio, May’s father passed away in 2010.

May attended Hamilton High School before embarking on a successful career as a drummer, which saw him perform with DC Talk in 1996. May’s sister, Janette Denison, got married in 1986.

Rick May attending his Sister Jannette Denison Wedding
Photo: Rick May attending his Sister Jannette Denison’s Wedding

Denison, who is known for her passion for food, often shares food-related content on her Facebook profile.

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May’s cousins include Kelly Rae, Sonya Miller Smith, Raya Cheyenne Moiser, and Carla Fish, who are all grieving the loss of their loved one. Additionally, May had a niece named Kristen Leann, who is a cancer survivor, as mentioned on her Facebook profile.

Dawn May, The Ever-Supportive Partner and Wife of the Late Rick May

The couple, who had been married for over 27 years, shared a deep bond, and shared one son Connor May, as evident from the recent anniversary post shared by Rick on his Instagram handle.

Rick May Wife Dawn May

Dawn May stood by Rick’s side through thick and thin, providing him with much-needed emotional support during his challenging health journey. In a beautiful birthday message posted on Instagram, Dawn expressed her admiration for Rick’s unwavering faith and love for Jesus, which remained strong despite the trials and tribulations he faced. She further went on to express her gratitude towards God for Rick’s presence in her life, stating that she was truly blessed to be his wife.

“Today is Rick’s Birthday! 🥳 The past few months have definitely been challenging, but I have seen the goodness of God daily. Rick has been through so much yet his faithfulness and love for Jesus has remained strong! I’m truly blessed to be his wife! God is so GOOD! Happy Birthday @maydaydrums! ❤️🎂🎉🥰🥳🎁#livertransplant #ohiostate #buckeyeforlife #thanksohiostate #donatelife

Dawn May’s love and support were not limited to her husband alone, as evidenced by her active involvement in her son’s life. Her Instagram profile is filled with posts related to her son, Connor May, highlighting her unwavering support for her child.

Rick Son, Connor May carrying his father’s legacy and Following his footsteps

Rick’s son, Connor May, was not only his father’s pride and joy but also shared a deep bond with him. Connor, who is following in his father’s footsteps, wishes Rick on his birthday, expressing his admiration for his father’s strength and resilience.

In a heartfelt message posted on social media, Connor shared his love and gratitude for his “best pops,” stating that he had learned so much from him over the years.

He further added that his father’s teachings had helped him stay positive even when things weren’t going his way, and carry himself with a grace that only comes from Jesus. Connor also expressed his excitement for the big things God had in store for his father’s life, and wished him a happy birthday.

Rick May Son Connor May

Happy birthday to the best pops I’ve ever known. I’ve learned so much from you over the years, this year especially. You’ve taught me to keep your head up when things aren’t going your way, and to carry yourself with a grace that only comes from Jesus. I’m thankful that God continues to do big things in your life and I know there’s so much more ahead of you. Love you dad.

Also, I’ll bring back the glasses if you bring back the leather. 😎