Who is Mark Brown? 41, Murderer of Alexandra Morgan and Leah Ware, Is he arrested?

Mark Brown is the assassin of Alexandra Morgan and Leah Ware, who disappeared six months apart in 2021.

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Mark Brown was convicted of the murders of Alexandra Morgan of Sissinghurst and Leah Ware of Hastings.

On Remembrance Day of last year, Ms. Morgan, a mother of two, was allegedly burned “head first” in an oil barrel in a yard Brown had hired at Little Bridge Farm, East Sussex. She made plans to see Brown, who had engaged her as a client and had promised her lucrative six-figure webcam work at a seaside hotel in Brighton, and was last seen filling up her white Mini Cooper at a gas station in Cranbrook.

Brown, 41, of Squirrel Close in St. Leonards, East Sussex, admitted setting Ms. Morgan’s body on fire but insisted she had fallen on a piece of machinery in his workshop and hit her head before.

 The part-time security guard said that rather than calling for help because he was afraid of being disbelieved, he chose to cover up the incident and burn her body.

After Ms. Morgan failed to come home and her parents raised the alarm, her remains including teeth and bone fragments were subsequently found at a construction site in Sevenoaks where Brown worked. In order to hide his crimes, Brown fabricated a “huge superstructure of falsehoods,” according to prosecutor Duncan Atkinson KC.

“Alex Morgan had found out, as she had feared, the promise of £100,000 was simply too good to be true. “ The result of deliberate action at a time when the defendant was alone with them and in each case wanted them to be dead and took the necessary steps, as he so often did, to get what he wanted.”

Mr Atkinson Statement

Two charges of murder were denied by Brown

Squirrel Close in St Leonards-on-Sea, East Sussex. Just before police moved to charge him for the killing of Ms. Morgan on November 28, his boss Alan Downs claimed Brown had told him he was going to be arrested for “double,” the court heard.

Brown had an affair with Ms. Leah Ware, a mother-of-three whom he had met via the same Adultwork website for sex workers, six months earlier. Ms. Ware and Brown had an “on-off” relationship that lasted from 2018 to 2021, during which time she last resided in a shipping container that had been renovated on Little Bridge Farm.

Alexandra Morgan and Leah Ware
Alexandra Morgan and Leah Ware

Although the pair re-housed during a security assignment at the Mecca Bingo in Ashford in April of last year, Brown claimed that their relationship had soured weeks before she vanished.

He acknowledged on the witness stand that he provided “differing accounts” as to Ms. Ware’s whereabouts following her abrupt disappearance on May 7, 2021.

In a conversation with a former classmate

The laborer used the past tense to refer to Ms. Ware, saying that she had “suicided herself” or had been “sectioned,” or that she had been sent to “a mental hospital.”

Brown kept getting Ms. Ware’s prescriptions for melancholy and anxiety from a Lloyds pharmacy close to his house in the months after she vanished. The court heard that records reveal he also made withdrawals from her bank account and that a stockpile of her prescription drugs was subsequently discovered in the footwell of his vehicle.

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Additionally, Brown had testified that Ms. Ware had murdered her pet Pomeranian named Lady days before he killed her. He said that after noticing the dog was gone, he subsequently discovered it in a lake, strung up with a weight and a chain. She was a passionate animal lover who would never have let harm to come to her dogs, according to Ms. Ware’s friends and relatives.

Who is Mark Brown?

Mark Brown is 41 years old. He holds British nationality and he belongs to the white ethnic group.

Mark Brown had been with his long-term partner for at least 14 years and had a child with her.