Who is Calliope Mori? Does she do Face Reveal? Real Face, Real Name, Age, Nationality, Height

Calliope Mori is a female virtual YouTuber who speaks English and was initially presented as a member of Hololive English.

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Does Calliope Mori do any Face reveal?

Talking about her Face reveal, the answer is no, she is not done any face reveal, Since Kiara has admitted that she constantly misplaces her possessions, including placing them in obvious places like her jacket, she is regarded as being disorganized and hopelessly forgetful when she isn’t on camera.

Calliope Mori Real Face

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Calliope Mori Career, What is her profession?

In 2020, Calliope Mori joined the team of virtual YouTubers known as Hololive English. The Japanese language Hololive virtual YouTubers organization hosted tryouts for English-speaking members, according to a Cover Corporation announcement. After many audition rounds, she was chosen. She began her training in June 2020, giving her three months to be ready for her stage debut.

 She and her fellow team members were included in a brief promotional film that served as her introduction. The day after the formal announcement was finished, she sent her first tweet. Following her debut, Calliope Mori has published a number of tracks, all of which are accessible on Spotify for listeners. Due to her fame, she now runs a website where various goods associated with her persona and setting are offered for sale.

Additionally, the website makes it possible to purchase her song’s original CDs. Additionally, she has another website where other grim reaper-related courses are offered, along with additional items like sweaters, stickers, wine glasses, and birthday posters. She became the 16th member of hololive and the second member of the English branch to reach 500,000 YouTube followers on October 22.

 In November, she unveiled a brand-new original song called Cursed Night. On December 14, she held a live karaoke webcast to mark hitting 800,000 followers on her YouTube channel. On December 29, she performed raps in the second Tsunomaki Watame original song, Douten Hitsuji.

Is he available on any kind of social media platform?

Calliope Mori instagram and Twitter. She has 37.5K followers on Instagram and 1.3M followers on Twitter.

Full Biography & Quick Info

Full Real Birth NameCalliope Mori
ProfessionVirtual Youtuber


  • In 2020, she joined the Hololive English virtual YouTubers club.
  • She was chosen after many rounds of auditions. She began training in June 2020 and had three months until her first performance.
  • She also has another website where she offers several courses relevant to her grim.
  • On October 22, she became the 16th member of hololive and the second individual from the English branch to reach 500,000 YouTube followers.
  • On December 29, she sung for her rap passages in Tsunomaki Watame’s second original song, Douten Hitsuji.
  • She just published a song called Wanted, Wasted 10 days ago, and it has already received over 300,000 views.
  • She also has a goods website where she sells various products relating to her character and environment.

Social Sites

Social MediaInstagram: 37.5K followers
Twitter: 1.3M followers