Who is Wanetta Gibson? Her whereabouts in 2023, Age, Family, Wiki, Mother, Is she in Jail?

Wanetta Gibson, the woman who falsely accused Brian Banks of r*pe, is still on the loose and has not been arrested.

Many people are angered by her because she makes life more difficult for real r*pe victims.

A brief on Wanetta Gibson’s case.

Gibson met Banks at Poly High School in Los Angeles in the summer of 2002, and there was apparently consensual caressing and kissing but no int***ourse. Gibson phoned the cops later that day, alleging that Banks had kidnapped and r*ped her.

Banks was arrested for the alleged assault and pled no contest on advice, resulting in a five-year prison sentence and the need that he register as an s*x offender. Gibson then sued the high school for failing to provide a safe environment for female students, winning a $1.5 million settlement.

Gibson received the first $750,000 of the settlement in 2007, but soon after, Banks was released from prison and reached by Gibson on social media, who asked to meet with him. When they met, Banks secretly taped Gibson admitting to lying about the incident in order to get a settlement from the school. Banks was granted a second trial after the recording was presented to the authorities, and he was found not guilty.

As a result, Gibson’s settlement was canceled in its second half, and she was compelled to pay $2.6 million in damages.

Where is Wanetta Gibson now? Is she in jail?

Wanetta Gibson, the girl who falsely accused Brian Banks of r*pe, is still on the loose and has not been arrested.

Brian Banks was a rising football star who was establishing a name for himself via his performance and was slated to enroll at the University of Southern California after high school, but his dreams were dashed when he was accused of r*pe.

This is one of the many instances in which a girl abuses the laws that were put in place to protect them from harm such as s*xual assault. People loathe her because she ruined the life of a young man by forcing him into prison.

Many people are curious about Wanetta’s whereabouts and whether or not she was imprisoned after her claim was shown to be false; yet, they will be surprised to learn that she is free as if she did nothing wrong.

She ruined the life of a young woman who was full of ambitions and was looking forward to a bright future in soccer. Even though Brian eventually found success, Wanetta’s actions were brutal.

Because people have a hard time accepting what’s true and what’s false allegations, situations and circumstances like this make it difficult for many legitimate victims of s*xual assault to seek justice.

Wanetta Gibson Age, Family, Early Life

Wanetta Gibson was 15 years old when she made false accusations against Brian in 2019. She must be 18 years old as of 2021. Gibson is originally from Los Angeles, USA. She is of African-American ethnic group.

wanetta gibson family

No details on the family of Wanetta Gibson have been revealed.

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Where did she attend her High school and University?

She went to Polly high school in Los Angeles, that’s where she met Brian.

Wanetta Gibson partner, What about her relationship?

Wanetta doesn’t seem to be in a relationship with anyone. She falsely accused Brian of r*pe, so people might not easily trust her to be in a relationship with her.