Ukrainian Footballer Dmytro Martynenko Killed in Russia invasion, Aged 25, Family and Wife

Dmytro Martynenko is a well-known footballer from Ukraine. Dima Martynenko died on March 1, 2022, during the Ukraine-Russia war, when his residence in Kyiv, Ukraine’s capital, was bombed by the Russian army.

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Ukraine invaded by Russia: A teenage skier and two players were killed

Vitalii Sapylo, a tragic youth-team player for Karpaty Lviv in the second division, was slain by Russians during a brutal skirmish near Kyiv. He had enlisted in the army as a tank commander to protect his country from Putin’s troops.

When their apartment block near the capital was destroyed, Dmytro Martynenko, 25, an amateur footballer with regional team FC Gostomel, died alongside his mother. After learning that Mr. Sapylo had died courageously fighting Russian troops on Friday, his bereaved squad hailed him as a “hero.”

We appreciate the eternal memory of this hero,” the club said in a statement. In a heartfelt statement confirming their deaths, the international football association FIFPRO paid respect to the couple.

Dmytro Martynenko Age, Family, and Early Life

Dmytro Martynenko was born in Kyiv, Ukraine, in 1996, and is 25 years old in 2022. Dima Martynenko was born into a well-to-do family. Dmytro Martynenko perished, along with his mother, in the Russian army’s bombing of his home in Kyiv, Ukraine’s capital.

dmytro martynenko family

His father escaped unharmed, and all football fans are sending their condolences to Dmytro Martynenko’s family and friends. The loss of Dmytro  Martynenko has saddened the whole football federation.

Dmytro Martynenko has always desired to be a football player and began playing at an early age. Dmytro Martynenko’s parents have always been supportive of his professional endeavors.

Which school and college did he go to?

He must have finished his education in his hometown. His educational history, on the other hand, remains unknown. The investigation into his high school and the university is still ongoing.

If more information becomes available, it will be updated later.

Dmytro Martynenko Net Worth, How much does he earn?

The net worth of Dmytro is not revealed in the media yet. He has never spoken about his net worth to the general public or revealed anything on the web yet.

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We are currently trying to determine his actual fortune as you read this article and the verified information will be published very soon.

Dmytro Martynenko Girlfriend, What about his relationship?

Dmytro has yet to make any public statements regarding his partner. He could, however, be dating someone and is waiting for the right moment to divulge his secret.

He has also been quiet about his dating life. We assume he is concentrating on his professional development. As a result, we’re waiting for him to share the details of his relationship.

Dmytro Martynenko’s career, What was his profession?

Dmytro Martynenko is a well-known footballer from Ukraine. Martynenko died on March 1, 2022, during the Ukraine-Russia war, when his residence in Kyiv, Ukraine’s capital, was bombed by the Russian army. Dmytro Martynenko was a Ukrainian midfielder who played for FC Hostomel in the Second Amateur League of the Kyiv Region.

Last season, Dmytro Martynenko was the top scorer for his side, and he was also named best player of the tournament and top scorer in the previous season. Dima Martynenko became the first footballer killed in Ukraine as a result of Russia’s invasion.

Is Dmytro Martynenko available on any kind of social media platform?

We looked for him on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms but were unable to locate him.

He must have a social media account under a different name, or he may not have any. Maybe he likes a private life. His social media is under review.

Any information about his social media will be updated soon.

Physcial Appearance of Dmytro Martynenko’s Height, Weight

HeightN / A
Hair colorBrunette
Eye colorBrown
WeightN / A
Body typeFit
Sexual orientationStraight

Interesting facts about  Dmytro Martynenko’s which you should knows

Zodiac signN / A
Relationship StatusN / A
ChildrenN / A
WifeN / A