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Tara Foley is the CEO of Follain “a healthy beauty store located in Boston and Nantucket (and online also)”.She built her own shop from the ground up and has since extended a huge audience.

Her work has appeared in The Howellsian and Enarratio: Exposition, Recounting, and Conversation. Tara’s advice to other women who want to open their own business? “Start by taking small steps. usually, the idea of launching a business is frantic because we are so fixated on the end goal.

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She’d never stopped to consider what she was putting on her face and body. So she started asking questions about the products she used every day. After a brief stint working in marketing at a law firm, she quickly realized that it was not for her.

“I was in this job that I hated, working really long hours, and the only thing that I had any control over and made me happy was taking care of myself,” she remembers. Tara was a self-professed gym junkie and while her workout regimen has been whittled down to daily short walks, stretching, meditation, and the occasional longer workout (“Like most things now, it’s all

Tara Foley Follain

She started her clean beauty journey over 10 years ago, and she opened Follain in 2013 as the first retailer website to sell clean beauty exclusively. She actually started her journey into space in 2009. Tara was fresh out of college with a public policy degree and thought she wanted to go change the world, get into advocacy, and all that.

For the first time, she was focused on her own health and wellness – what she was eating, fitness, all of it. Imagine the most gorgeous and beautiful store, stocked to the brim with over 600 clean beauty and fitness products! Enter Follain, the brainchild of founder Tara Foley. Follain, Gaelic for healthy also closely related to Foley’s own last name.

Every single item of all 80+ brands in Follain stores. goes through an intense 5-Step confirmation Process, which includes detail like thoroughly cross-checking the ingredients against Follain’s restricted list and sending the product out to beauty professionals to see if they actually work or not.

This amazing store has done the screening of all products for you like make-up to skincare, haircare, and fitness products they’ve got your clean beauty product. Tara raised no less than $3 million for Follain, the clean-beauty company she founded in 2013, marking the culmination of quite the dramatic career pivot.

Tara Foley personal life, her children

The information regarding her birthdate, birthplace, and age hasn’t been shown out yet. However, it looks likes she is in her 30s as of now. There is not much info regarding her family background and parents on the internet.

Relationship status… Who is the Tara Foley husband and son?

Tara Foley has two children named “Henry & Annabel”. In other words, Tyler was her first, last, and only boyfriend. Sure, when she was 12 years old and in the 7th grade she had a couple of boyfriends; they would chat incessantly on AIM and proceed to avoid each other at all costs in the hallways of the school.

What is the Tara Foley net worth? How did he earn from his career?

“We raised the first round of $750k from angel investors in 2014 and $3M from VC in 2016. We are also planning to raise another round later this spring.” Tara raised no less than $3 million for Follain, the clean-beauty company she founded in 2013,

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NationalityBay Staters
Net Worth (Follain)$3 million

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