Who is Stacey Davis? Let her baby to death at 27 C, What about her Husband?

The careless mother, Stacey Davis leave her tiny baby to be dead at 27 C which resulted in a head injury while she went to clean her car fogged in his clothes.

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What Did Stacey Davis Do?

The heartless Davis left her son Ethan to be trapped in the clot for close to two hours in a heated room that no windows or fans. The woman age 35 had gone out to run and visit the part as her kid stood lifeless.

Reports have come up that Davis has been jailed for around some years.  She later sold her belongings on Facebook.

The culprit’s mother has also flogged her son’s Savings moneybox for around £5 and a bundle of small baby clothes for tots which is aged between 3 to 6 months.

Stacey Davis has also listed the “tiny baby” bundle with a Ted Baker in a single sleepsuit.  Salisbury Crown Court has also heard how the mother leave her helpless son in his cot while she went out to the shops in the summer of 2018. 

Even when she returned back to the home in Melksham, Wiltshire, the mother failed to check on Ethan for a further half an hour.  After discovering the child unresponsive in his bed, the toddler was rushed immediately to the hospital where he was pronounced dead shortly after.

The post-mortem has also claimed

Ethan had got a 15cm skull fracture but his precise cause of death was unknown as of now. Davis has told police he had fallen down and hit his head but she failed to take him to the hospital in spite of the known distress, swelling, and bruising of the wounds of the toddler.

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Forensic investigator Nicola Anderson has also detected high levels of cannabis in Ethan’s hair, which was consistent with Davis smoking the drug which is around the child.

Stacey Davis

As of now the mother Stacey Davis has been booked and jailed for two years after she admitted to child cruelty.