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Spencer Elden is an American street artist and a student at Art Centre College of Design in Pasadena, California. He was the baby on the cover of the band Nirvana’s album, Nevermind. He was born on February 7, 1991, in California, United States.

 Spencer was just a few months old when his parents got a call from an underwater photographer, Kirk Weddle who asked if he could use his baby as part of the photoshoot for an upcoming band called, Nirvana. They had no idea their child will be infamous as the n*ked baby on the Nirvana cover with his little d*ck out.

“Baby on Nevermind cover sues Nirvana over child s*xual exploitation, claims the image is child po*nography.”

Spencer Elden, who appeared on one of rock music’s most iconic album covers – Nirvana‘s Nevermind – as a n*ked baby, issuing the band, alleging he was s*xually exploited as a toddler.

Elden claims the defendants produced child p**nography with the image, which features him swimming n*ked towards a dollar bill with his genitalia visible, in a lawsuit filed in a Californian district court against numerous parties, including the surviving members of the band, Kurt Cobain’s widow Courtney Love, and the record labels that released or distributed the album in the last three decades.

The lawsuit accuses the defendants of “commercial child s*xual exploitation of him from while he was minor to the present day … defendants knowingly produced, possessed and advertised commercial child po*nography depicting Spencer”.

The 1991 album cover

Elden, who was four months old when the image was made, says he has suffered “lifelong damages” from the 1991 album cover, including “extreme and permanent emotional distress with physical manifestations”, plus loss of education, wages, and “enjoyment of life”.

The lawsuit claims the image is “s*xually graphic”, and says it makes Elden resemble “a s*x worker – grabbing for a dollar bill”. It claims Elden was never paid for appearing on the cover, and that his parents never signed a release form for the image, which was shot specifically for the album cover. It has previously been reported that Elden was paid $250.

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Elden is seeking damages of at least $150,000 from each of the 15 defendants, plus costs, and asks that the case be tried with a jury. The defendants have not yet responded to the lawsuit or commented on it publicly. The Guardian has contacted Elden, his lawyer, and the managers of the Nirvana estate for further comment.

More news

In 2016, Elden recreated the image with the New York Post newspaper to mark the album’s 25th anniversary, saying:

“It’s cool but weird to be part of something so important that I don’t even remember.”

That year he also said:

“Recently I’ve been thinking, ‘What if I wasn’t OK with my freaking p*nis being shown to everybody?’ I didn’t really have a choice.” He had previously recreated the image for Rolling Stone, aged 10.

In 2007 he told the Sunday Times it was “kind of creepy that many people have seen me n*ked. I feel like the world’s biggest po*n star”.

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“I’m still in communication with Spencer,” said Kirk Weddle, the photographer, in 2019. I used to think to myself, ‘Man, that kid is going to despise my guts when he’s 16!’ He doesn’t, but he’s torn about the photograph. He believes that everyone else profited from it while he did not. I believe he is deserving of something. But the money is always made by the record labels.”

Spencer Elden, Date of Birth, Birthday, Family, what about his father, mother, where is he from? Early life

Elden celebrates his birthday on the 7th of February and was born in the year 1991. He is currently 29 years old. His nationality is American. His father’s name is Rick Elden. 

spencer elden earlylife

There is no enough information about his parents but we will update soon.

Which school and college did he go to? What was his major?

He is a student at the Art Centre College of Design in Pasadena, California. He might be a well-educated person.

Spencer Elden Net worth, how much does he earn?

Spencer Elden has an estimated net worth of $500,000. He was paid $1,000 to re-enact the famous pool pose for photographers. Compare to the original shoot, which paid $200.

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 It seems that he has earned enough money from his career, he was undoubtedly making a sizable wage and amassing a sizable net worth. Furthermore, his career was his primary source of revenue.

Spencer Elden’s girlfriend, what about his relationship?

As of now, Spencer Elden has not released any statement regarding his marriage, so it is hard to say anything about his wife. Spencer Elden is now 30 years old, and looking at his age, we can say that he must have a love life now. His Instagram and other social platforms also don’t reveal any details about his wife.

When it comes to his personal information, he keeps it under wraps. As a result, little is known about his love life or relationship. He seemed to be keeping it a secret. There are allegations, though, that he has been dating his girlfriend for quite some time. As a result, we can assume he is currently single.

Furthermore, his romantic life has never been a concern in the past. There is no information regarding his previous relationships with women.

Spencer Elden career, what is his profession?

Spencer Elden is the baby boy who is in the cover photo of Nirvana’s Nevermind. Nevermind is the second album by the American rock band Nirvana. It was release on September 24, 1991. The album was produced by Butch Vig, and it was Nirvana’s first release on the DGC label.

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And during its release, all they needed was a cover photo for their album. It was then when Spencer Elden was chosen to be the cover page guy of Nevermind. And at the time of the shoot, Elden was only 4 months old, and the photo was clicked by their family friend and photographer Weddle. And now, he is all over the media, and news, because of his lawsuit against Nirvana.

Is Spencer Elden available on any kind of social media platform?

Spencer Elden is active on Instagram with the handle, @spencerelden. He has about 4521 followers and following just 2 people on the social media platform.

Interesting facts about Spencer Elden that you should be known

Parents Rick Elden
Age 29 years 
Siblings Unknown 
Birthdate  February 7

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