Sean sticks Larkin and Lana Del Rey: Relationship and Break-up

Sean sticks Larkin confirms to the New York Times that he and Lana broke up after 6 months of dating each other. Lana and Sean were framed together in the 2020’s Grammy which grabbed public attention. After they were caught up enjoying the sunny day in September at Central Park, the couple got limelight attention for their soulful romantic relationship. Lana was the one who made it public on her official Instagram sharing a picture where they stand beside a clothing rack leaning against each other and Sean kissing her with a hug.

Unfortunately, After their separation Sean states “Right now, we’re just friends,” he says of where he currently stands with Del Rey. “We still talk and whatnot, we just have busy schedules right now.” They detached from each other after six months of their togetherness. Now he is recently engaged to his girlfriend in 2022.

This article provides an overview of Sean Larkin, a social media influencer his work, and his love life.

Who is Sean sticks Larkin? His Early life and career transition

Sean sticks Larkin is a social media influencer from Tulsa, Oklahoma who was born in December 1973. He is a popular TV star and also a lieutenant of the Tulsa Police Department. Sean one of the analysts, an expert on law enforcement hosts  A&E’s Live PD broadcast every weekend and he was cast in 2010 for the first time. Viewers tend to get inside and look at police officers on patrol across the United States shot at New York City A&E’s Studios. Even after being accused of misconduct while arresting a man in charge of murder, the dash cam and video footage proved Sean’s nonguilty.

sean sticks larkin family

Sean sticks Larkin is a great television star and retired policeman. He has previously presented A&E’s, PD Cam. The celebrity hosts the Cop tales & Cocktails podcasts on Youtube. Sticks had been working as an officer in Tulsa since 23. After new opportunities showered upon him, he switched careers to content creation and television shows. Similarly, he is also quite an active social media influencer with over 240K subscribers. Sean has also released his book on June 15, 2021 “Breaking Blue: Real Life Stories of Cops Falsely Accused”.

Who is Tammy Jean Stocks? Ex-wife of Sean

Tammy and Sean were a cute 1990s couple and her personal information is not much revealed on-screen. However, after marriage, they had two children.

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Sadly, they got separated soon after and Sean took care of his children being a single parent. He raised his two kids being an inspirational father and the country’s cop demolishing social issues.

Sean is a single father after divorcing Tammy Jeans Stock

Sean and his wife were a cute 1990s couple and were together for more than six years. The ex-couple has two kids. Their names are Alyssa born in August 1977 and a baby boy named Patrick born in March 2003.

Sean Sticks Larkin Children

After the divorce, Sean became a single father and looked after his children. His daughter, Alyssa is currently pursuing physiology and nutritional science in college.  However, not much is known about Patrick. As per online reports, Tammy and Sean were on good terms during their initial phase of separation. Unfortunately, they have a sour relationship and are not in touch with each other.

Lana Del Rey- Sean’s girlfriend

Sean after his divorce and being single for a long time dated the American singer-songwriter of Manhattan, New York, Elizabeth Woolridge Grant professionally renowned as Lana Del Rey. Lana was born on June 21, 1985, and had two younger siblings Caroline Chuck Grant and Charlie Grant. Her father was a domain investor while her mother was a schoolteacher. In her school (St. Anges School) she was also the cantor of the church singing choir. When she turned 14/15 she was then sent to Kent school to get sober from Alcoholism. She shares her terrible experience of her childhood with limited friends.

“When I was very young I was sort of floored by the fact that my mother and my father and everyone I knew was going to die one day, and myself too. I had a sort of philosophical crisis. I couldn’t believe that we were mortal. For some reason that knowledge sort of overshadowed my experience. I was unhappy for some time. I got into a lot of trouble. I used to drink a lot. That was a hard time in my life.

Lana Del Rey says on the interview wth

After Graduation Lana started working as a waitress and learning to play guitar from her uncle. Shortly after, she started writing and performing at nightclubs and got too many nicknames. She shares that,

Lana Del Rey

” When I got to New York City when I was eighteen, I started playing in clubs in Brooklyn—I have good friends and devoted fans on the underground scene, but we were playing for each other at that point—and that was it.”

Lana Del Rey says on the interview wth

Larkin and Del Rey met in New York and immediately hit it off. They split their time between Los Angeles, where Del Rey resides, and Tulsa, Oklahoma, Larkin’s home. While in Tulsa, they spent time with Larkin’s law enforcement friends and their spouses, attending Super Bowl parties and having dinner together.

Larkin, who is currently on leave from the Tulsa Police Department, also revealed that his children were initially surprised when they learned about his new girlfriend. represent tragic romance, glamour, and melancholia. Her songs honored her with various accolades such as Brit Awards, MTV Europe music awards, Hitmaker awards, and many more.

Lana Del Rey is an alternative pop artist who incorporates various genres into her music, often referencing the American nostalgia of the 1950s and 1960s. She previously performed under different names and described her music as “Hawaiian glam metal” and acoustic under different projects.

Sean sticks Larkin and Lana Del Rey as the limelight couples

Larkins was married to his partner Tammy Jean Stokes in the 90s and is the father of his two children. After his divorce from his wife, the ex-cop dated Lana Del Rey (Elizabeth Woolridge Grant). He is super private when it comes to his partner and children, however, Sean has lived an adventurous and romantic life. His contribution as a police officer has made him popular.

The news about Lana and Sean first surfaced when the duo was seen together in NYC’s central park. They formally announced their relationship in December 2019 on Instagram. Sean and Lana shared their lovely snaps on the photo-sharing platform. They separated after six months of togetherness in march 2020. Sean says that they are now “just friends”. Both of them claimed of having the most adventurous relationship when they tried local shops coffee and also the most affluent social events together. Both of them caught the eye of the public when they attended Grammy’s together. After six months of togetherness, the couple separated.