Lucy Mecklenburgh’s fiance Ryan Thomas pictured cuddling and nuzzling Zaraah’s Neck

According to The Sun, actor Ryan Thomas, 38 who is engaged to reality TV beauty Lucy Mecklenburgh, embraced Zaraah, 35 who is an English Actress after the National Television Awards.

Onlookers said that the pair who met while they were both in ITV’s Corrie spent time catching up before hugging at an after-party. One of them said: “Ryan and Zaraah bumped into each other at a party and seemed to be getting on like house on fire and catching up.

He told Zaraah to come to his house with her family. They both were laughing together, and he was also looking at something on her phone. “Afterwards they both were laughing together again and it was clear they had known each other for some time, as Ryan was heard telling her that she knew him very well. Ryan then went on to tell her, ‘You know what I’m like and it was all very playful.”

Ryan, who has two children with his fiancée Lucy, 31 as he had acted as Jason Grimshaw on Corrie from the Year 2000 until 2016. Zaraah was in Corrie’s Joanne Jackson for 2 years from the year 2005 and she later joined EastEnders as Chelsea Fox.

One spokesperson for Zaraah said: “Zaraah and Ryan have been good mates for more than 20 years and were just catching up as they have not seen each other for quite a long time. And it is nothing more than that.”

A spokeswoman for Ryan declined to that comment.

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Who is Ryan Thomas? Know More About Him

Ryan James Thomas is an English former actor popularly known for playing the role of Jason Grimshaw on the ITV soap opera Coronation Street from the Year 2000 until 2016. The English actor was born on 10 June 1984 in the United Kingdom. In 2018, he played as Rafael Humphreys in the Australian soap opera Neighbours, and he also won the 20th and final series of Celebrity Big Brother.

Talking about his acting career, Ryan Thomas joined the cast of the Australian television soap opera Neighbours in October 2017 and acted as Rafael Humphreys. Ryan made his on-screen debut during the 60-minute “Hit and Run” special might be on 12 February 2018.

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In August 2018, Thomas also took part in the 22nd series of Celebrity Big Brother. During its episode broadcast on 30 August, Thomas was seen play fighting with an actress Roxanne Pallett.

And in March 2021, Thomas announced that he was quitting acting, after having “really lost the bug for it”.

Is Ryan Thomas Married to Lucy Mecklenburgh? Know About His Relationship Status

Ryan and Lucy engaged in June 2019 but up till now in 2022 the couple has not married. They have one daughter and one son altogether. One daughter named Scarlett is from Ryan’s past relationship.

Thomas dated his Coronation Street co-star Tina O’Brien from the Year 2003 to 2009. They have a daughter together. After his past relationship, Thomas has been in a relationship with Lucy Mecklenburgh since 2017. The Couple met while taking part in Celebrity Island with Bear Grylls. Thomas became engaged to Mecklenburgh in June 2019.