The Russian government vows to expand its relations with North Korea.  

The Russian government vows to expand its relations with North Korea.  

On the anniversary of Pyongyang’s liberation, Mr. Putin wrote to his counterpart Kim Jong Un and stated that the action would be in the interests of both nations(Russia and Korea).

Mr. Kim responded by claiming that the defeat of Japan in World War II had helped to build a bond between the two countries.

Their “comradely friendship” would only get stronger, he continued.

Putin reportedly stated that the improved bilateral ties will “conform with the interests of the two countries,” according to a report by North Korean state media outlet KCNA.

The relationship between Russia and North Korea, which was “forged in the anti-Japanese fight,” has been “reinforced and developed century after century,” according to Mr. Kim’s letter.

In the common front for thwarting the military threat and provocations of the hostile forces, it was further stated that “strategic and tactical collaboration, support, and solidarity” between the two countries “had been established on a new high level.”

Although Pyongyang did not name the hostile troops, it has frequently used the phrase to refer to the US and its allies.

Formerly, the Soviet Union was a significant ally of North Korea, providing aid, assistance, and economic cooperation.

Fall of the Iron Curtain

However, following the fall of the Iron Curtain, the relationship has languished, only progressively improving with Russia’s growing alienation from the West during the early 2000s.

After Russia issued a decree recognizing the independence of two separatist entities in eastern Ukraine, North Korea was one of the few nations to formally recognize them.

Ukraine, which is resisting a Russian invasion of its territory, severed all diplomatic connections with Pyongyang in retaliation.

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Using the agreement that was struck in 2019 when he met with Mr. Putin as a basis, Mr. Kim projected that collaboration between Russia and North Korea will increase.

In July, North Korea recognized two “people’s republics” in eastern Ukraine that were backed by Russia as sovereign nations, and officials there suggested that North Korean personnel might be deployed there to assist with construction and other labor.