Who is Robbie Morgan aka Robbie Awad? Husband charged over Wife death

Robbie Morgan aka Robbie Awad is a newlywed husband who has been charged with death-causing reckless driving after a buggy accident resulted in his newlywed wife’s death.

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Newlywed husband charged with murder of Wife

Everyone was moved by the tragic and surprising news that newlywed Marina Hanna, who had only recently wed her husband Robbie Morana aka Robbie Awad, had passed away. On June 20, 2022, while her husband was operating the golf buggy, she was killed in a collision. The electric buggy Robbie Morgan was driving with his new wife in the passenger seat began to lose power on Whitsunday Boulevard, according to a statement issued by Australian authorities.

The couple decided to make a U-turn to go back and charge the buggy, but it allegedly overturned. According to reports, Marina Hanna lost her balance and fell out onto the road, where she later passed away.

Robbie Morgan has been charged with death-causing reckless driving, seatbelt violations, and using a cell phone while driving. He turned himself into Queensland Police last Friday after being asked to do so, and he will now make his appearance in Prosperine Magistrates Court on December 5. Before she passed away, Mr. Awad could be seen driving the buggy to the couple’s opulent oceanfront resort while his wife records the scenery from the passenger seat in a tragic Instagram video.

Another clip showed the couple walking across the tarmac as they eagerly board their Qantas flight to Queensland and the interior of their opulent resort room once they arrived.

Robbie Morgan Age and family background

Robbie Morgan is currently 30 years old and he is from Australia. We assume he was born in 1992 in Australia. He recently got married to his late wife  Marina Hanna but she died on their honeymoon trip after which Morgan turned himself into the authorities.

Married life

He recently got married to  29 years old Marina Hanna in a large church ceremony in Sydney on June 11, 2022.

Marina Hanna’s family remembers her

Mark Hanna, her brother, spoke to the crowd and expressed his love and loss for his devoted sister. He remarked, trying to hold back tears, “There are no words that come near to the anguish that we feel in our hearts today. It appears like the heavens are weeping as well.” Everyone who knew Marina adored her since she was such a sweet, young, and strong woman.

She was stunning on the inside and out, enjoyed laughing, and had a perpetually upbeat attitude on life. An off-duty firefighter, dentist, and doctor tried for 35 minutes to save the young woman’s life after the claimed accident, but she was in cardiac arrest. Once medical professionals realized the extent of her injuries, they decided against using the nearby Townsville chopper that had been requested to transport her to the hospitals.

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In July, Hanna said goodbye at a church service where she was recognized for her “caring, loyal, kind-hearted attitude” and “unconditional love” for everyone she knew.