TikTok: Who is Doctor Leonardo Gil? Sudden death Cause, Age, Wife, Family

leonardo gil

Leonardo Gil was a doctor who was best known for his TikTok videos. Unlike other TikTokers, Gil uses the internet platform primarily for educational objectives while engaging the viewers. Similarly, his innovative content is something that his viewers enjoy. According to reports, the doctor was involved in an accident on his way home from work. … Read more

Missing student Coman Fevrier Found dead, Age, Family, Girlfriend, Biography

coman fevrier

Coman Fevrier, a North Park University student, has been missing for over a week. He was last seen around 2: 30 p.m. Friday at University Hanson Hall, 225 West Foster Ave. What Happened to Him? Around 2:30 p.m. Friday, Coman Fevrier was a student at North Park University, which is located at 224 West Foster … Read more

Missing girl Kathy Wrethman meets her rescuer again, Family and Biography, Age

kathy wrethman

In 1968, Kathy Wrethman, an Australian toddler who had been kidnapped, went missing after she was abducted.  Kathy Wrethman, a Missing girl meets her rescuer decades later During the summer of 1968, Kathy Wrethman was kidnapped by a guy who went missing. She was gone for about three days before a group of teens discovered … Read more

Who was Dallas Frazier? Died at 82, Cause of Death, Wife, Family, Age, Net worth

dallas frazier

Dallas Frazier was an American Country Music Singer and songwriter. He is regarded as one of the influential and more-than-life figures in country music.  A country music legend has died, Dallas Frazier Dallas Frazier died after suffering two strokes in August. According to his daughter, Melody Morris, he died at the age of 82 after … Read more

Who was Mario Lazarica? Killed at 5, Family, Parents, Wiki, Biography

mario lazarica

Mario Lazarica was a five years old kid. Recently, the death news of this young kid has been circulating all over the news. Obituary: Mario Lazarica was stabbed to death  A mother screamed ‘my child, my child’ as her five-year-old boy was’ snatched and stabbed to death before a lady was detained on suspicion of … Read more

Who was Thomas Hand Jr.? Meet Christine Kozlowski Husband, Cause of Death, Age, Family, Wife Kids

Christine Kozlowski

Thomas Hand Jr. was well-known as the husband of Christine Kozlowski. Christine Kozlowski is the Miss Mississippi beauty pageant winner, having been crowned on June 28, 2008. Kozlowski is a D’Iberville native of Polish and Latina ancestry and the state’s first Miss Latina. Recently, the death news of Thomas has been circulating all over the … Read more

Miss Mississippi Christine Kozlowski Husband Shot dead, Age, Family, Net worth, Kids

Christine Kozlowski

Christine Kozlowski is a Miss Mississippi beauty pageant winner who was crowned on June 28, 2008. Kozlowski, a D’Iberville native, is of Polish and Latina ethnicity and is the state’s first Miss Latina. Kozlowski competed as “Miss Gulf Coast” in Miss Mississippi. Diabetes awareness is her platform. At the 2009 Miss America Pageant, she received … Read more

Missing: Who is Coman Fevrier? Is he Found? Age, Family, Parents, GF, Biography

coman fevrier

Coman Fevrier is a student at North Park University and has been missing since the last week. He was last seen in the University Hanson Hall 225 West Foster Ave around 2: 30 pm Friday. What Happened to Coman Fevrier ? Coman Fevrier was a student at the North Park University which was at 224 … Read more

Who is Kathy Wrethman? Missing Story, Is she Found? Age, Parents, Husband, Family

kathy wrethman

Kathy Wrethman, a young Australian toddler went missing after being kidnapped by a guy in 1968. She was out of contact for around three days when a group of teens discovered and rescued her. Kathy Wrethman was saved by three teenage males at the time. Fairy Meadow, a BBC podcast, gave her the opportunity to … Read more

Who was Becki Schofield? Mum-of-5 dies at 38, Cause of Death, Age, Husband Partner, Family

becki schofield

Becki Schofield was the mother of five children. Recently, her death news of her has been circulating all over the media. People are concerned about her death cause and her children. Obituary: Becki Schofield Died- Death Cause Becki Schofield felt ill and fainted last week before collapsing on the floor in Swinton, Greater Manchester, last … Read more